Hello from London, UK!

Welcome to the wonderful world of THS, Hannah! Despite all the complaints you will read on the forum, which is actually a wonderful service provided by THS that gives members a place to learn from each other ( and complain! ;-), almost all of us love it here!! The forum is loaded with useful information. Many topics have been discussed in the past so if you have a question or concern, first do a search using the little spyglass at the top. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, ask it here. The forum is a very vocal group but we are actually only about 5% of the total THS membership.

If you would like input and assistance on making your listing as good as it can be, add the link to your listing to your forum profile. Then readers of the forum will be able to click on it and make suggestions. Fyi, we are not permitted to put the link in the body of a message. Click here for the instructions: How to Add Your Listing to Your Forum Profile