Hello from Michigan, USA

Hi, I’m Chauna. I live in Southeast Michigan and I enjoy animals and traveling. I was a professional animal care technician (licensed, and working at a nationally accredited facility) for 13 years (and only don’t continue now because I went on to a new position). My personal pet history includes cats, dogs, fish, a mouse, hamsters, and guinea pigs. My professional life included all of those plus livestock, primates, frogs, and rats. I’m also a cited author in a rat and mouse medical care text book. :slight_smile: And none of this is to be some kind of bragger (yuck!), only to say that I am passionate about and knowledgeable in the world of animal care. I pet sit for friends and I firmly believe that all of our pets are family members, and should be treated with that level of love and caring, including snuggling the snuggly ones AND giving space (but not lack of attention!) to the ones who just aren’t that into you. lol

I am interested in this process and am here to check it out. Hello!!


Hello Chauna. I’m Alice and my husband Patrick and I have been part of TrustedHousesitters since 2013. We love taking care of pets while we travel and have made many friends all over the world. We live in southeast Michigan as well, Hamtramck, and would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Message me if you want to get together for a coffee and chat!


Hi @ChaunaB welcome to our community forum and thank you for your really informative introduction on your animal care experience, you are joining a very passionate and knowledgable community we look forward to hearing more about your areas of expertise.

Welcome to a community of like minded animal lovers who share your beliefs, with TrustedHousesitters animals are at the heart of who we are, why we do what we do and come first … always.

Enjoy connecting with our members from. around the world.

Angela and the Team

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Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn about this process and interact with the community. I look forward to checking out the forums and getting to know other members.

Thank you, Alice! Once I familiarize myself with this program a little more I may take you up on that offer! I’m definitely interested to hear from others who’ve done it. And I really enjoy my time with pets and traveling so this seems like a great opportunity to do both!