Hello from Thousand Oaks, California!


We are Tami & Chris from Southern California. We are semi-retired, Chris is a retired Disney Creative Director, Tami is the owner of “Tam-Can! Handy Ma’am!” and a yoga teacher, baby sitter and pet sitter. We have been together for over 3 decades, and have 3 adult children. We love pets, and love to travel. We are mature, physically fit, and very responsible! We have been pet and home owners for 30 + years. We are experienced.

We love our rat terrier mix, Oreo, our chickens and ducks and turtles. We have many years experience raising dogs, cats, red ear slider turtles, desert tortoises, chickens, ducks, birds, fish, rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, guinea pigs and rats. Tami was an animal shelter volunteer in Camarillo, CA, and also builds animal habitats as her hobby.

We have excellent references, just ask and we’ll provide! Including those from Airbnb stays over the past decade as well.

Looking forward to loving and caring for your pets and keeping your home safe and secure while you are away.


Tami & Chris


Hi Tami, Chris, Oreo, chickens, ducks and turtle … welcome to our community forum thank you for joining us from southern California and for your wonderful introduction.

Checking your account it looks as though you have not joined TrustedHousesitters yet, I suspect (correct me if wrong) that you’ve put your email details in, but not maybe taken the next step of ID verification and payment. If this is the case, let me know (you can direct message if you’d prefer – simply click on my icon and select the MESSAGE option) and we can get the membership services team to help you through the process.

A pet sitting travel lifestyle presents so many opportunities for slow travel, connecting with pets and people and living like a local, members are making friends for life and discovering places they might otherwise never see, with many stories on the website blog and here on the forum and you certainly have the pet experience and knowledge that pet families need to keep their furry family members happy at home when they travel.

Would love to know more about your volunteering and the building of animal habitats … On the subject of volunteering we have many members who volunteer in their home locations and others who seek out opportunities to give back when they travel for pet and housesitting.

We hope you will explore the forum, enjoy connecting with members from around the world, we can’t wait to welcome you to TrustedHousesitters.

Angela and the Team

Great meeting you Angela!

I see you’re from Scotland. I’ve never been, but look forward to visiting some day. I’m also looking forward to learning more about Trusted Housesitters, its origin and history. What a great idea! Glad I found you.

I have paid for a standard membership a few minutes ago. For your information, I did attempt to purchase a membership yesterday, but was unable to. It would not process for whatever reason. Today it went through, no problem.

Yes, I did volunteer a few years ago, at the Camarillo, CA, animal shelter. It was gratifying to help out, and I will be volunteering again soon.

I also have been making pet habitats for years; bird aviaries, turtle/duck ponds, desert tortoise habitats, chicken coops, aquariums, including planted tanks, gecko & chameleon habitats. My yard is a wild life preserve for butterflies, birds and all critters that happen upon it. I incorporate native plants into my gardening to help keep the local wild life thriving. I’m passionate about animals and nature and do extensive research on their care, feeding, and habitats.

I’m looking forward to traveling around and helping pet owners where needed. We do travel to Monterey/Pacific Grove, (Northern California) every few weeks where we have aging parents (89 and 95!) that we provide care for. We would love to find pet sitting opportunities especially in that area.

Be well!


Tami & Chris


Hi Tami and welcome to TrustedHousesitters, we are so glad you have joined.

Thank you for sharing your pet habitat passion, would love photos of your yard it sounds absolutely delightful …

I’m a COVID transplant into Scotland, lucky enough to be “of” Canada & the UK, Vancouver BC is my first home. Pet sitting along the the Canadian and US West Coast for a number of years I’ve made many lifelong friends brought together by beloved pets, in fact I’m back sitting in San Diego very soon.

Pet sitting when visiting friends and family is such a great way to be close without being too close and maintaining some independence, it’s the way we visit our grown children they know pets and homes come first, it’s a great way of getting out of the washing up :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Enjoy being here and connecting with other members from around the world.

Stay safe and well.