Waving Hello From the Pacific Northwest (USA)

Greetings, all! Brand new to the TrustedHousesitters community and looking forward to this adventure as a house sitter and pet sitter. I currently share my life with two Doberman Pinschers and a Three Striped mud turtle. I plan to start pet/house sitting in my local community, but I have aspirations to take things international. I look to visit Mexico, Portugal, Scotland, Turkey, and the Republic of Georgia within the next year. I hope my own love for traveling & caring for animals helps others to also live out their travel dreams. Excited to be here. Let’s connect!


Hi @Shanta welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters … thank you for joining us from the stunning PNW … where in the PNW are you?

Two Dobbies and three turtles how wonderful will you be looking fr sitters for them while you explore the world pet sitting? It really is an amazing lifestyle. Pets, People & Places for animals lovers it really doesn’t get much better.

I have a continuing love affair with Bainbridge Island and the whole of that coast from Vancouver BC down to S Cal … but places like Cannon Beach, Bainbridge and many of the outer Islands are magical …

Enjoy connecting with our members from around the world.

Angela and the Team

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Hello, @Angela-CommunityManager and thank you for your message. I am excited to be here after hearing so many amazing things about TrustedHousesitters and the house sitting community. Where am I in the PNW? Right along the Puget Sound in Tacoma.

Yes, I share my life with two Dobermans but with only one turtle, who is a Three Striped mud turtle. I won’t need anyone to look after them while I am out exploring because my mother loves taking care of her grand-dogs and grand-turtle.

The PNW is definitely a beautiful place with the wide open spaces, lush greenery, beautiful trees, and rolling hills. It’s a nature lover’s paradise. I can’t wait to explore many more similar locations around this majestic planet of ours.

Thanks again for the message. I look forward to connecting with others.



Welcome @Shanta and it’s great to hear how excited you are about joining the community here! You have an impressive international list which we look forward to following! We’ve done a fair number of sits in Mexico and absolutely love it there - we are hoping to get back for a couple of months in 2022! In the meantime, I would absolutely love to see a picture of your striped mud turtle - unusual pets always intrigue me! Enjoy connecting!!


Hi @Vanessa-Admin! Thanks for the welcome to this community. I am highly anticipating getting out there and traveling abroad again. It will be wonderful being able to travel AND help others do the same by taking care of their animal family while they are away. The person I first learned about this platform does a lot of house sits in Mexico. I’ll follow suit one day! For now, I will start locally just to get my feet wet with TrustedHousesitters.

I’m not sure if I am able to successfully post a picture of my turtle on here.


Local sits are a great way to build up reviews and experience of different pets, breeds, environments etc. A great way to get started. Thanks for sharing the picture… it came out well :slight_smile:


Thanks for the vote of confidence. Also, glad the photo came out – I wasn’t sure at first!


Who will be looking after your animals?

I have family who care for my animal companions when I am away.