Greetings from Bellingham, Washington

We live in the far Northwest corner of the USA…only 20 minutes from the Canadian border. So hard to be so close and unable to cross the border! We’ve been housesitting in the US and overseas for the last six years and can’t wait to start again. Love being able to experience living in Japan, Australia, France, Germany, Portugal and other countries through housesitting. We had a Spring Spaniel years ago that I trained to “star” in TV commercials and print ads. He even appeared on billboards throughout Seattle. While staying home due to Covid restrictions, I’ve kept busy doing storytelling competitions. My husband is busy landscaping our backyard, although we are ready to leave at any time!

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Hi @silvanac welcome to the forum, so happy you solved your posting issue!

Thank you so much for your introduction and sharing the story about your Springer, they are such happy dogs and I’m sure he was a shining star of the Upper Pacific Northwest. Bellingham is a great place to be, I used to fly out of there all of the time rather than from Vancouver, flights are so much less expensive that’s why, when travel is safe and possible the car park is full of BC plated vehicles!

We look forward to hearing more stories from your TrustedHousesitters travels and getting to know you both better. Enjoy connecting with other members and we hope the yard is looking spring like.

Welcome again.

Angela & The Team

Welcome to the club. Please send a photo of your trained spaniel . I’m curious.
My puppy is quite clever, he knows the différence between orange, ball and stone (in french words, he is not bilingual yet) which is not much but i’m pleased when he brings back the good item. My previous dog was handsome (can i sat that for a dog) but not brillant. Same master so what?

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Welcome :wave:

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