Hello from Newark, DE

Hello everyone! This is Brad from exciting Delaware. It’s actually a great place to live. Just not that exciting. Truly… :grinning: I’m a brand new retiree and brand new sitter, so let’s get me out of DE. A friend told me about THS years ago and I’ve always wondered if I would have the nerve to pull the trigger. But I retired on the 17th, joined THS on the 19th, and confirmed my first sit on the 21st. And the woman I’m sitting for has been terrific. She’s taking time to explain how everything works and been very welcoming. So I’m really going to jump into this.


Hi Brad a very warm welcome to our community forum … what a great introduction CONGRATULATIONS on so many fronts, your recent retirement, joining our pet loving community and confirming your first sit in what must be record time … Brilliant

It’s also great to hear that you are communicating well with the owner good communication is the key to a successful pet and house sitting stay. If there is anything you feel you need help and advice with she sounds great and you can always ask your fellow members here on the forum, they are a supportive and helpful group.

So here’s a couple of questions, where will you be sitting, what pets will you be keeping company and what is it (do you think) that made your very first application successful, any tips for other new members … although there’s no pressure, only congratulations.

We can’t wait to share in your new THS adventure … enjoy the conversations and connecting with our members from around the world.

Angela and the team

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Welcome @Brad
Lived and worked in those yonder parts for many years. It’s a great place to get out of
And seems like you are off to a great start.
Enjoy to the max.
It’s a fabulous life.
Retired happy pet sitter

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Hey Angela, Admittedly, there is a lot of luck here. I’ve noticed a few posts where people have trouble getting their first sits and that’s what I expected as well. But I was helped by a couple of things. The sit is just before Christmas, so I think there are lots more houses than sitters. And the sit is not in the most touristy area, so it’s probably not getting that much attention. But coincidentally it happens to be close to where I am going for the holidays, so it worked out perfectly for me. And the owner can feel a little more comfortable, knowing that I’m just spending my days visiting my family. So I guess my advice is to be flexible for the first sits. Don’t try for Paris, be happy with Peoria. :grinning: Oh, and the pet is a single, mellow, Australian Cattle Dog. Again, a lot of luck…


That’s great advice and yes sometimes it is about the ducks all being in a row, or the stars aligning … I felt the animal analogy was a better fit on this occasion, but equally if the owner didn’t feel you were the right fit and vice versa it would not have happened.

A mellow Australian Cattle Dog … now that sounds like a lot of good dog company.

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Hi, Brad, and welcome. I’ve been to Newark and loved it. In fact I’m a big fan of your entire state (even though you want to leave it, briefly :wink:). Happy sitting!

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