Hello from Perpignan France

Hello, we are new members of TH and to Perpignan although lived in France for over 13 years. We love the French Catalonian culture of this region of France. We have lived in many different countries. We have only one small dog but he has a huge personality and extremely friendly.


Hello et Bonjour @Tosci a very warm welcome to our community forum, thank you for joining us from France. Vanessa a colleague on the Forum Team, also lives in France although she is currently on a cat sit in England … You also say “Many Different Countries” we would love to hear about some and which made the most impression, either in a goos way or not so good, which does happen.

We’d love to see a picture of your “huge personality” furry friend also.

Please explore the forum and enjoy connecting with members from around the world.

Angela and the Team

Thank you Angela. As mentioned we have travelled and lived a few places. I am from Scotland and my husband was born in Hong Kong. His family for three generations are from there although my Mother in law was born in France. Before coming to France we lived in England but also Norway and USA. So various cultures.Our little dog is a rescue cross Bichon/ Lhasa who adores his frizby and playing football with a tennis ball. We bred Lhasa Apso for many years a long time ago.


Welcome @Tosci to TrustedHousesitters and the forum. As @Angela-CommunityManager says I do live mainly in France now (Bourgogne), but the last time I had property here, almost 20 years ago, I lived in Fitou, so Perpignan was our local city!! Had a wonderful time but the Tramontane got to us in the end :smile: Loved being so close to the Pyrenees though and had fabulous time exploring the area and eating oysters! Enjoy making connections!!

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Hello @Tosci and welcome! My travels bring me through your area from time to time — it’s lovely.

Thank you Edith, love to meet up with you when in our area.

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Thank you Venessa, before here we were in the Charente Maritime for 13 years. Perpignan is very different but in a good way. I love being near the sea but the mountains too.