Hello from rural Nebraska - I'm new to h/s - is this somewhere sitters would love?

A friend suggested I look into this site to find people who are interested in staying at my rural home to take care of my two Great Pyrenees. Since I live in rural Nebraska, I wonder just how many, if any, would be interested? I have no particular dates in mind at this time, just wondering if it is feasible. Thanks.

Yes, I would say there are enough members in this network that any sit would appeal to a variety of people. We personally steer clear of sits in large urban areas and if you present your listing with great pictures and a good write-up, it is possible to attract the perfect sitter. I know some applicants will want to know if a car could be available to them as rental cars are getting very expensive. The time of year is a factor as well, in case there’s snow shovelling/plowing involved.

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One suggestion is to look at listings that are close to you or in similar settings and gage how many sits per year they are hosting… which you may be able to tell from reviews by or of sitters. Not sure if the site has restrictions for non members that get in the way of that…

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Hello @jenobandito and welcome to the Community Forum! I can understand your concern as to whether you would get sitters who would be interested in staying in your area of the Country, but keep in mind, there are many, many sitters who want just such an area…quiet, peaceful and serene. It is a great deviation from the big city with crowds of people and tons of cars. I know I prefer small town sits over big city sits any day! And having two beautiful Great Pyrenees can make that sit even more desirable.

I agree with both @BruceT and @DMJ about ways to make your home and location a desirable area for sitters to check out. Make sure you put great pics of your furbabies at play inside and outside your home so folks can see the area around you. Also, any pics of things to do in your area (whether lakes, parks, etc.) that highlight and spotlight Nebraska as a new place for sitters to check out while taking care of your babes. You might be surprised at how many sitters are looking for just such an opportunity!

Good luck and if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to anyone on the forum team.


Thank you. I hesitated to join until I have more information. Being new here, the site is a little daunting to use, but that will come in time.

DMJ’s and Debbie’s comments are on the mark. When I started I looked for mainly city sits, but I’m enjoying rural sits - here in the US and in the UK. But, use of a car is necessary for me unless it is a local sit for me as I won’t drive more than 4-5 hours for a sit.
For me a pair of Great Pyernees is a draw - I’ve a real soft-spot for giants.

Hi @jenobandito and welcome. It’s no surprise that the various steps can feel daunting at times. Once you’re settled in as a member, one of the benefits of the forum is that you can get ideas from various posts. There’s a search function on the forum for key words using the magnifying glass.

On the website homepage along the top there’s a help function, again searching key words.

At the bottom of the website homepage is a link to the blog, and it also has a search function.

I’ll start you off with a blog post on how to create the perfect listing that you may find useful.

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Im in Omaha part time (our second home). I too am just getting on board with sits. (sitter, not HO) I am looking into places close to either our homes (northern Arizona is our primary). I am finding the sits and sitters are our there, just depends on both parties needs. Good luck in your findings and finding great sitters!