High interest, few sitter applications!

Hi All,

I have a number of people who have saved my listing but I’ve only received two applications. As both sitters were traveling with kids or pets, they weren’t a good fit.

We live in a tiny town at almost 10,000 feet in the Colorado Rockies, . My two dogs are super easy, but I think it takes a certain kind of sitter to want to stay in our rural location in winter.

We have a nice house, beautiful views, a comfortable guest room with en-suite bath, reliable high speed internet, abundant wildlife that visit daily, and it’s a perfect location for a road warrior who needs to work in peace and quiet. Any suggestions for us to reach more sitters to find a good fit?

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Susie in Colorado USA


Hello @Suz1A your sit sounds idyllic. You can add your profile link on here so we can try to help you with your listing and then hopefully you can reach more sitters :slightly_smiling_face:

Please see the attached link for how to add your profile link on here.


Is it appearing correctly now?

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It all sounds wonderful and the cold wouldn’t worry me at all, just sorry I can’t help you atm as am travelling/housesitting ‘downunder’ until March 2024!
Your listing is great, photos and dogs wonderful. I’m sure you’ll have some applicants and I wish you all the best as you’re doing exactly the right thing!

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@Suz1A Yes your link to your profile is now showing :+1:t2::slightly_smiling_face:
Elvis and Parker are absolutely adorable! :dog::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It does look like a lovely sit! We are not in the area and don’t meet your medical requirements, but I can definitely see why people are saving your listing. The major issue for sitters who meet your requirements: your dog gets “very stressed with new people” and you don’t add enough detail to this situation + there are no reviews which could fill in the blanks. You also mention wanting to find several sitters for backup. For me it sounds as if there is a good likelihood that the sit will not work out for us as sitters because your dog would not be able to adapt to us. We commend you for bringing this up already in the listing but it would be really helpful to know more (e.g. did you ever have a HS looking after your dogs and how did it go? Which dog is it that gets stressed? How does this stress look like? Does this stress lead to undesirable behaviors / aggression? What is the backup plan for yourself and the sitters?). Good success!


I usually mark a sitting as a favourite if I like it but can’t make the posted dates. This might have happened in your case too?
I would love to visit Colorado one day, but at the moment I am sticking to sits in Europe because of travel costs…


I think you should market it as a great digital nomad destination for anyone working remotely and trying to avoid burnout. That means contacting ski or alpine clubs in your country or any other one. Selling this house as a great chance to switch off from stressful environments, get reconnected to nature and back to basics. Saint Google will help you get in touch with sports clubs, corporations, etc. Try anyone into Software, Billing, etc. They do not need to be at their offices many times.