Hello, I am Marsha, new to the forum

Just wanted to say Hello! I have been on TrustedHousesitters for a little over a year now. We have had 2 successful sits completed while we traveled. So far, everything has been good. Checking out the posts, reading about what sitters like to see in listings and so on. I used to use another service, we found a few really good people on it and a few not so good. I am really happy I stumbled on TrustedHousesitters & look forward to being part of the forum.


Hello Marsha @travel2sunshine and welcome. I love your background information on your forum profile, where you help find homes for rescue dogs. Thank you for that.

Given your username, I thought perhaps you lived somewhere near me, in the cold Canadian winters. I’m puzzled by you travelling to sunshine, given I think of anywhere in the southern US as a sunshine state. It’s all relative, I guess. :sunglasses:

I hope you enjoy your THS experiences.


Welcome, Marsha!


Hello @Snowbird. I have been using this user name, email name for a long time. Before I moved to the warmer southern US. We used to live in the Pacific NW and we vacationed at least 4-6 times a year. Then a job offer came that allowed us to move to sunshine. It was just a unique name I hadn’t seen used and so I am not ready to change my handle I have been going by for such a long time.

Thanks & I look forward to getting more involved on the forum.


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Interesting. Funnily enough, my email addresses are based on a similar idea, relating to travelling to sunshine places in the winter (but not Snowbird). People often ask me the background story about them.


Welcome! We could certainly do with some more sunshine in the UK! :sunglasses: Are you prepared to say what the other service you used was? Personally I think TH is the best. Whilst it still has a few issues (you’ll no doubt stumble upon them in the forum) I don’t think any other platform comes near.

@Smiley - Hopefully I don’t get in trouble, not sure the rules about mentioning the other services out there. I did use MindMyHouse for several years. I did find a few great sitters that I used multiple times and since, they quit doing home sitting with Covid and found a new lifestyle. It wasn’t a bad introduction into this concept of exchange of services/home to stay in. I am really happy I found TrustedHouseSitters. I started with a basic membership, wondering if the others memberships should also be expolred.

I don’t think there’s a problem in mentioning other services but TH appears to be the best!