New Member From London, Ontario Canada

Hi All
We are glad to be a part of this unique community.


hi @suebee,

Welcome to the forum we’re happy to have you here! Are you a sitter or a homeowner?

Hi @suebee. Welcome to TrustedHousesitters and our friendly community here in the forum. I’m glad you found us and have introduced yourself. I’m sure you’ll enjoy your time in the forum, making new friends and learning lots about pets, travel, and pet sitting.

I see from our records you’re a pet parent. Was your home hit with as much snow as Buffalo in that recent mega-snowstorm?

Again, welcome. We’re glad you’re here and are looking forward to getting to know you.

Hi Karen

Right now, we have beautiful sunshine!
We didn’t get as much snow as elsewhere even though London is in the snow belt.
We are happy to belong to this wonderful organization.


Hi Kelly

We are a retired couple who have a cat and dog. Looking forward to more holidays with this group looking after our “kids”

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That’s great I am sure you will find great sitters! What are your cat and dogs name? Would you want to share a photo of them with us here? I’d love to meet them (virtually)as I love seeing photos of people pets.

Hello @suebee and welcome to the Community Forum :slightly_smiling_face:
You can also add your THS member profile on to your Forum profile, I have added the link below to show you how to do this, should you wish to.


Hi @Kelly unfortunately we’ve had a sitter cancel, it would be helpful to get other member’s feedback on our listing to see if we need to add or change anything. Thank you

@suebee First I’ll mention that a sitter should only cancel in exceptional circumstances. If that isn’t the case, or you weren’t given reasons, I suggest you contact membership services. As a community, we need to monitor that this doesn’t become an accepted practice without valid reasons.

I took a quick look at your listing and noticed these things:

  • The lighting in some of your photos could be improved, especially in what I think is the guest bedroom.
  • Make sure the bedroom you show is the one the sitter will be using. There is no need to add the primary one, unless you are asking that this one be used, in which case state that and why. Most sitters prefer not to us the primary bedroom. Ideally, also give the bed size (measurements). Don’t just use Canadian bed sizing (e.g. queen) as sizing is not universal.
  • From the kitchen photo I can only tell that you have a microwave. Another photo showing the rest of the kitchen would be helpful.
  • Give more details about Casey’s walks, in distance or time. The sitter needs to make sure they are able/willing to accommodate Casey’s routine.
  • Where do both pets sleep? Given there are steps at the foot of the one bed, I’m guessing on or in the bed. This is also important to sitters. If it’s possible for them to sleep outside the sitter’s bedroom, please mention that.
  • Is a car essential or preferred? Given the size of your city, it has public transit and likely services like Uber and grocery delivery. You will open your sit up to many more sitters if you can remove that requirement.
  • If you are willing to pick up and drop off within a certain distance, show that. Also show what public transit is close to your home, if it exists. Many sitters are extremely resourceful when it comes to travelling without a vehicle.
  • If a sitter does bring a vehicle, is there off-street parking available at your apartment?

I hope that helps. :slightly_smiling_face:

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