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Hello everyone, I’m Anise from Ontario, Canada. After a long career in law, I’m winding down my office and heading for new horizons and study in the EU for the next year or 2. My sights are on the Netherlands initially, hopefully Utrecht, and I expect to also be spending time in several other countries for research. I’ve had dogs and cats and love them both and would be interested in a long-term house sit(s) in the very near future. It’s great to be here and share your adventurousness!


Welcome @AniseD I can thoroughly recommend a housesitting/travelling lifestyle….I’ll leave out the studying, although I’ve been doing online courses on iPhone photography and learning a bit of Maori.
Good luck with your venture!


Hi Anise. Ontario lawyer here too. I’m still in active practice, but counting down until I retire. 17 years and a bit.



Hello @AniseD and welcome to the Community Forum. I think you will thoroughly enjoy the housesitting and travelling lifestyle, we are currently in the Netherlands and loving it here!
Wishing you well on your new adventure :earth_americas::slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @AniseD. Welcome to the wonderful world of pet sitting. Our community here in the forum is a great way to come up-to-speed on the in’s and out’s of pet sitting. I’m glad you joined us.

It looks like your TrustedHousesitters membership is not totally set up yet. Once it is and you get your sitter listing published, please add a link to it in your forum profile. That way, we can get to know you better. Here’s how to add that link:

Again, welcome to the forum.

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Maori! That’s amazing!

Only a few words……

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Congratulation @Smiley that’s something to be really proud of, well done you!!

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