Hello Friends! We’re from Branson, MO, USA. So excited to get started with THS!

I’ve just stumbled upon the forum as I’m learning my way around the site. What a blessing it was to have found TrustedHouseSitters.com!

My husband and I love to travel and we love, love, love all animals. We had a great house/pet sitter for the past 5 years, and we’ve just lost him as he has taken on a second job. With these two jobs, he simply won’t have the time to sleep, much less care for our home and animals while we are away. :upside_down_face:

This is a win win, what a wonderful platform this looks to be! To be able to continue to travel AND meet and care for new babies! We are in!!!

Give a yell! We also love meeting new people. :grimacing:


Hi @SunshineNCoastlines welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters is wonderful to have you join, thank you for the great introduction into your lives and we’re sorry that you have lost your sitter however his loss is very much our gain and I hope we measure up to what much have been a brilliant win win for you and your pets.

Enjoy connecting with our members from around the world and we look forward to sharing in your THS journey.

Angela & The Team


It’s a brilliant lifestyle. Welcome to your new life! :sunglasses:


Yep, it is indeed a win-win and we’re so grateful to have found this service. We often go away for long stretches and find it’s an ideal base for people who want to explore this part of England in exchange for tending to our two old cats.
Welcome aboard!


Thank you!!! Everyone truly seems to love it.

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I bet! We live right in the middle of the USA, should be the same here. We are so centrally located to everything, and Branson is a wonderful place to spend some time.

Hello @SunshineNCoastlines and welcome to TrustedHousesitters and the community forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome! We just left Branson yesterday. We spent two days there as an interim between a sit in Fayetteville, AK and Elletsville, IN.

MJ and Chris


Hoping you liked our fun little town. You did well if you haven’t been here before. Things are about to get really crazy around here as our busy season will really be booming in a couple of weeks.

I only know of Branson as it’s known for it’s country music fest or connections to country music?

I don’t follow country music anymore but still have a hankering for Garth :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: & Reba :+1: songs.

That’s what Branson was know for many years ago. Thought we still have lots of shows, it’s not centered around country music like it once was. There’s SO much to do here that doesn’t even involve music. Look it up sometime, might find yourself wanting to come see us!

Welcome! Branson is on our radar list of places to visit, so make sure you post your sits in plenty of time!

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Will do! Trying to put a quick trip together for the second week in May. Will be confirming the dates tomorrow. We hope to travel often again now that we’ve found THS!

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Hi! Just posted the dates we need a sitter for our first trip with THS here in Branson, MO! Not sure how to get our profile over to you. I’ll research that now. :upside_down_face:

Hello @SunshineNCoastlines and just jumping in to give you some help with sharing your listing here in the forum.

There are a couple of ways… firstly you can direct message another member (click on the member’s icon/logo and then select MESSAGE. This is private and no-one else will see your conversation.


You can add your listing into your profile here in the forum so that other forum members can see it, giving you a little extra exposure.

If you need any help with either just ask. All the best, Vanessa


Hi @SunshineNCoastlines as @Vanessa-Admin says you can share your listing on the forum via DM & in your Forum profile, when I checked yesterday your listing wasn’t live at the time, now that it is I’ve added it to your profile which will allow other members to see it …

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Thank you so much for the info. I’ll have this down-pat in no time. :crazy_face:

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You are AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for doing that!! :relaxed:

Hiya! Just wondered if the comment I sent got to you. Still learning this forum. Our listing is attached to my profile. :expressionless:

Hello and Welcome. You are in a location I hope to visit some time.