Hello from Steamboat Springs, CO

Hello everyone, I have been living in Colorado since 1978. I have no pets right now because my husband won’t let me have any more . I would like to visit Iceland or anywhere that I can see the northern lights. I am an artist and a retired housekeeper, therefore I can keep a house clean while sitting for pets. I have been a pet sitter for about 10 years.

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Hello @sooze23

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It is great that you are looking to housesit and Iceland is on my bucket-list too!

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Best wishes Carla

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Hello @sooze23 and welcome to the Community Forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:
Iceland is a great place to see the northern lights and if you like food it’s also a fantastic foodie destination! Not to mention the scenery and hot springs! If you are in search of the northern lights then Swedish Lapland is another fabulous location which I can highly recommend and maybe whilst you are there a visit to the famous Ice Hotel which is just Wow!

This is a photo of the bed that I took during our stay at the Ice Hotel :cold_face::sweat_smile: