HI, I am Sjannie from the Netherlands

Hello everyone, I am new at THS and look forward to interesting experiences. I love dogs and cats. I decided to start looking for my “spot under the sun” where I want to settle down. I think this is a great way to start looking, while taking care of your pets. I am new here at THS, but not to caring for dogs or cats. I have rescue dogs myself and work together with home sitters for them.


Hello @Sjannie. Welcome to our community, and thank you for introducing yourself. I agree, staying with dogs and/or cats while traveling is a great way to explore the world.

As a new member, one thing you might want to do is to include a link to your sitter page in your forum profile, and ask our experienced members for tips and ideas of ways to make your page even more enticing to pet parents/owners. Here’s how you do that:

Again, welcome to our group. I hope you enjoy the many various conversations we engage in.


Hi Karen,

I believe it is working now. Will try my iPhone App as well or else I work from my MacBook. I am thrilled to get started and find great places to sit in the next years to come.

If I find myself stuck again, I know who to call. THANKS a lot.

Hi @Sjannie. Your link isn’t working, so I’ve asked membership services to take a look to see what the issue might be. I’ll send you a Direct Message (“DM”) once I hear from them.

Thanks a lot, Karen. I am already a lot further in my profile set-up. However, due to being in the train, I cannot upload my passport at the moment. Maybe that is the issue?

However, most important is, that my membership is connected to the correct profile.

Thanks for helping me out on this. I am on this already the entire day, and I am not even angry yet :blush:. I have a 6 hour train ride and it sure is not easy to become a member and sign up. Before, it is clear there are two sides, takes a whole lot of figuring out.

Maybe a handbook with step-by-step instructions could help? Subscription can be made easier, I think :thinking:.

Anyway, we will get there today, I hope.

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Yes, once you get your ID verified you should be good. I’m sorry to hear it’s taken you so long to get your account set up. Hopefully this one last step is all you need to do.

Hi Karen,

Yes I did. And I already have a contact with a pet parent in Florida.

So looking forward to this adventure.
Thanks for your support :pray::+1:.

Best regards,

Hi @Sjannie,

I just wanted to let you know that the link to your profile wasn’t working so went ahead and corrected it for you. Your tourism industry and travel experience sounds amazing! What a career! We’re glad to have you apart of the community I think there’s so much great advice you could offer fellow travelers.

Thanks! I am happy to share country information. Especially also on the -Stans

I have to admit I don’t know very much about the Stans. Do you have a favorite? Georgia has been at the top of my list for years now but certainly not the easiest to get to especially from the west coast of the USA.

Late answer, Kelly, but my absolute favorite is Kyrgyzstan. The nature, the people and Bishkek the capital are all just so wonderful. Bishkek is like Paris in the 60s, nature puts Switzerland in the shadow, so amazing the mountains and the treks. Incredible!!!

And, it holds the water towers of the world and nobody knows… everybody knows where the longs of the world are. You too, I guess :wink: