Looking for my "place under the sun"

As a Tour Director, I host many travellers around the world. I traveled the entire world, but have had too little time to travel in my preferred way: really connecting with people and their animals and staying for a while in the same place. I promised myself that, in 2023, I am going to look for a wonderful spot where I wish to settle down within a few years. This is a perfect way to start and you will have a very responsible, experienced dog sitter in your house!


Hi, I am new here and I am looking for a calendar where I can update my availability for interested home owners to connect with.
Can anybody help me to find that feature?
Thanks, Sjannie

Hi @Sjannie If you go to the main TrustedHousesitters site and click on ‘help’ in the top toolbar, you can find instructions on most things. If you type ‘calendar’ there it will give you excellent instructions about the calendar feature.


How wonderful! I wish you all the very best in your search and look forward to hearing all about it when you’ve found it!
I hope that one day our paths will cross as I’m certain we’d get along.

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Hi @Sjannie hello and welcome to the forum! I am not sure if you have joined TrustedHousesitters yet and it just hasn’t registered yet, but I could not find your profile. Once your registration is complete, you will be able to pull up your calendar and set your availability. If you have not joined yet and need assistance, please let us know and we will be happy to help.

Hi Debbie,

I thought I have uploaded my profile, I see my picture is in place, but I seem to have problems finding the way to other information to inform you about. Can that be, because I use both my MacBook and my iPhone?

Would love to complete it asap.
Thanks for helping out,

@Sjannie I am going to tag @Therese in Member Services to help you out as they are guru’s with the website.

Hi Smiley, I think so too! As my search starts only now, I am open to all over the world sits and experiences. I have rescue dogs myself who stay with my ex.

Looking forward to crossing paths anywhere and anytime.

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Super, thanks a lot

@Sjannie I’m a sitter and I use both my MacBook and iPhone so I don’t think that should create any issues.

Hi @Sjannie I have looked into your account again, thank you for addressing @Debbie-L it appears that you have not completed your registration, you should log into your account and complete the process by selecting your membership preference, there are three tiers to choose from and following all of the prompts, once you have done this you will be able to begin setting up your profile and looking for potential sit opportunities.

As @Debbie-L says if you need help @Therese will be back online on Monday or you can connect directly with the Membership Services Team support@trustedhousesitters.com

Welcome again.

That would be so nice! I am now trying for hours to find the “Dashboard” at the drop down menu. Each time I get the signup page, but I paid already and it was authorized.

When I open the drip down menu, I only get 4 options. None is dashboard. Settings only offers to fill out my name and change password. Do I have two profiles or is it not opened?

I’d be so happy to start using the THS options.

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Hi @Sjannie I will pick this up as @Debbie-L has gone off duty for the evening … I will Direct Message you with some details and hopefully we can get this sorted out for you.