Member From Canada Needing Profile help

Hello! Would someone be able to have a look at our sitter profile? We have only one review from the TrustedHousesitters app and I am wondering if something else is off? We can be found under Rosalie and Terry.
Would appreciate the review and any suggestions!

Hi @Rosalie welcome to our community forum I have added your profile link to your forum profile, now other members can view and give their feedback and advice.

Enjoy connecting we have a very helpful and supportive community I’m sure you will get some great suggestions.

Angela and the Team

Hi @Rosalie and welcome to the forum and to TrusteHousesitters. I think your profile needs to have far more information as it leaves so many unanswered questions for a homeowner. I realize you may be someone who creates a long application, but nevertheless you should expand on the information in your profile.

Your focus in photos and content seems to be for cats. I suggest you add a photo of you or both of you with dogs too and make some mention that you are also open to sitting for dogs.

Here are just some points I suggest you could cover in your profile:

  • are you non-smokers, non-drinkers or social drinkers?
  • do you have any security checks besides THS - for work, Nexus, etc.?
  • do you own a home, or have you owned a home (to show that you can manage one)?
  • are either of you handy at home maintenance (not required, but a bonus)?
  • how comfortable are you with keeping owners updated (text/email/videos)?
  • what are your backgrounds, so that homeowners know what skills you might bring that are applicable to their pets/homes?

I would add more information about your experience with pets - do you have experience with training puppies or working with senior pets? Experience giving meds? Are you active and like long walks (or runs or hikes) with dogs?

This paragraph is confusing. Who is Emma, for example? I assume it’s a pet of yours, but that isn’t clear.

"We love travel and hope to do more with the world opening up a little bit more. The drawback? THIS SOUNDS LIKE YOU ARE ABOUT TO DESCRIBE WHY YOU ARE NOT GOOD SITTERS! We despErately miss our Emma and have been known to swap pictures and videos of her while we are away. SWAP PICTURES WITH WHO? Being a part of the TrustedHousesitters community lets us combine our two favorite things (TRAVEL AND PETS) and meet new families.

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Hi Snowbird! Thank you so much. I never know how much info to put in. I generally put more in the application. I will work on implementing your suggestions.
Thanks again.

Thank you, Angela!

@Rosalie you’re welcome. You may want to search around profiles of other sitters to get more ideas. You will certainly then see what you like and don’t like in a profile. Consider what would be important to you, if you were leaving your pet and home in the care of someone who is new to you.

I would also suggest you aim for one or two more references. They need not be from someone you have done a home or pet sit for, but someone who can vouch for you personally. That will show a homeowner that you are willing to put the effort into creating a quality profile.

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Hi Lassie! I have made the changes you and Snowbird mentioned. No recent photos of us with dogs, but we can change that, of course. I appreciate the feedback.

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@Rosalie Given you live in a big city, you will have lots of opportunity to do some local sits to increase your reviews. I see that your first sit was local, which is great. I’d suggest looking for some short sits close by, again to increase your number of reviews as this is important to some homeowners.

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@Snowbird And as you say, it would be important for someone to know that you had successfully completed a couple of sits.

If you’re open to staying in lesser known cities and less populated places, you’ll also likely have no problem getting sits even with just one review.

Pet owners in the small towns, suburbs, and non-tourist-hotspots are bearing the brunt of the sitter shortage right now and all of these places have their own charms. You never know what off-the-beaten-path gem you might find!

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Agree. I have already set about looking for other references. Again, thank you. Having another set of eyes is wonderful.

@meow. That is great advice. The sits in “popular” places get snapped up.