Hello from Alaska

I joined TH when we first got our two Golden Retrievers 4 years ago. I just hate the idea of boarding kennels when we want to go somewhere where we can’t take the dogs with us. So far we had housesitters from Germany, Wales and the US and we loved all of them. Hopefully international travel will be possible some time soon and we can greet more people from all over the world here in Alaska.


Welcome. I would love to see Alaska. Why not in winter… Isn’t it too hard ? What season you recommend ? Are you surrounded by bears ? Are you remote ?

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Hello and welcome Alaska! Thank you so much for joining our community forum @ArcticLights we hope you can being to travel again soon and give more sitters the pleasure of sitting your adorable Goldies … like everyone we are missing our pet and housesitting lifestyle …pets, people and places our THS passions.

Enjoy the conversations and connecting with members from around the world.

Angela & The Team

Welcome Articlights :wave:

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Welcome! We’d love to see Alaska at some point, it looks so beautiful. We’re in Dundee, Scotland.

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Welcome Arctic Lights, greetings from a travel hungry Des and Margaret in Dublin.

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