New to Ireland: Bring on the pets!

Hello animal lovers! I’ve been a sitter with THS since 2013, so it’s wonderful and inspiring to see how the community has grown over the years. This forum is gorgeous. Now married, my husband and I are just moving to the Emerald Isle after spending 6+ years in his home country of Germany (Bavaria, to be exact), and we have already booked in our Christmas sit in Co. Kerry! A county we have never seen in person!

We had to say goodbye to our sweet elderly rescue dog Lara last year, so to say we are excited to be around pets again would be the understatement of the year.

If you are a pet owner in Ireland, tell us where you live and all about your pets!


Welcome back @Haubigut and what a lovely introduction from a long-term member. Glad you found the forum and are enjoying it as you plan your move to beautiful Ireland! Although so very sad to hear about losing your pup Lara, I can totally understand the joy you’ll be feeling knowing you’ll soon have pets around you again. Look forward to following your new journey and seeing you with your Christmas pets!!

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Where will you be living in Ireland? I am from Dundalk, and live in Texas now. My family is still in Ireland, and my sister has 2 dogs (a 12 year old Golden and 1.5 year old lab) and a cat just outside Dundalk.

Hi Lassie! We are temporarily in Borrisokane, North Tipperary. The housing market is utter madness right now, so we’ve no idea where we will end up! We have friends in Dundalk as well. Small world! We love Goldens, so it would be a treat to meet your sis at some point. Even if it’s just to play ball with the dogs for a bit. :slight_smile: