I Love Alaska!

Hello my name is Kyla and I am from Texas. I absolutely love Alaska and hope there will be some snowbirds looking to escape the winter months. Being from Texas I realize I have a preference for cooler climates. I would love to be able to help some families out this upcoming season. Dogs are my specialty!


Hi @Kylakailua and welcome to the forum! You are going to find some great folks here ready to help you on your journey to get those great sits. Hopefully you will find those Alaska sits as I see them quite frequently.

I took a look at your profile and I have to say, those furballs in your pics are adorable…and they sure look like they are comfortable with you…which is exactly what pet parents want for their babies.

I see you have already linked your profile, so you are ahead of the game with making it easy for other members to connect with you. I think you are going to do great!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out and anyone here will be ready to help you!

Happy Alaska sitting…or anywhere TrustedHousesitters takes you!

Well, keep in touch… I’m about an hour north of Anchorage, outside the town of Palmer. Heading off to N. Zealand for a couple months in Jan/Feb, but will try and keep u in mind. Perhaps in the summer… just thinking at this point.

looking out the back door,.


WOW! :star_struck: What a view! When we traveled to the south island of NZ for our honeymoon I remember thinking that it felt like a mixture of Alaska and Colorado. Nothing better than seeing snow capped peaks and fall foliage.


@snowfire your backyard view is AMAZING!!! What a beautiful photo, wish I could be there right now! :heart_eyes:


Full disclosure…. That same scene out my back door is now all white… We’ll be in Auckland for three days in early Jan, ten drive up to Russell for about 3 days, then probably work our way down to Napier for a bit then head towards Wanaka and hope to meet up with a fellow after Feb 5th, and the West coast of the S. Island…

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