In Tennessee on my first sit

Hi, I’m Linda from Ireland and am in Columbia TN on my first THS petsit, as part of a three month solo road trip around the Deep South. Enjoying every moment of the travelling and sitting so far. Taking care of three dogs and a cat - Vincent. Samson. Prince Hairy and Ramsey. Heading to Birmingham AL next, then hoping to pick up sits in MS and LA before finishing up in FL. The life of a retiree!


Hi @Valhalla
A very warm welcome to the forum and a big congratulations on your first sit. What lovely photos of your charges. They all look chilled and lovely personalities., and what a wonderful 3 months you have planned!

I would like to suggest you add your profile to your forum profile so the members here can officially ‘meet’ you.

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Wishing you great success in securing your other sits.
Best Wishes
Therese and the forum team

Hi, Linda. I’m from near you in Ireland (Dundalk), now living in Texas. Enjoy your visit to the US!

Wow, you’re off to a flying start. Happy travels/sits :slight_smile:

@Valhalla welcome to the South! Those three babies are adorable.
What part of Tennessee are you in right now? I’m originally from Chattanooga, which is right on the GA/TN border. Lovely area for walks in the hills or by the river. You are going to find some great folks here with some great furbabies to love on while taking care of them. The South is a great part of the Country, and unless the weather takes a turn for the worse, you will find some of the best temperatures as well. Cool days and nights and not much in the way of snow!

Enjoy your three months!

What a fantastic adventure @Valhalla ! An international road trip for your first sit. Lovely photos of your new friends!

Welcome @Valhalla. You are starting well!
Where in Louisiana will you be? I grew up in New Orleans!

I’d love to do this. Well done and enjoy the whole trip :sunglasses:

Hoping to tour cajun country plus NOLa of course. A friend has just bought an apartment there.

Thank you. Came to Columbia in mid Tennessee via Nashville.

Am originally from west Cork but living in Northern Ireland for work since 1988. Love Texas. Visited San Antonio and toured towards Mexican border.


Fabulous! Intrepid traveller!:+1:

Good for you Linda, that sounds like my kind of adventure. Maybe you could start a ‘travel talk’ category post on the forum about your travels. I, and am sure, lots of others would be interested.
Your companions look lovely and you’ll be getting your first review soon and you’re off!


What a handsome crew. Enjoy your adventures.

Hello @Valhalla and welcome to the Community Forum :slightly_smiling_face:
What a fantastic adventure you have planned, always love visiting the Deep South, beautiful surroundings and places to explore and of course, congratulations on your first sit! What absolutely adorable companions you found :dog::cat:
and here’s to many more adventures! :+1:t2::blush:

Wow what an exciting adventure! Are you traveling in a camper van or just a regular car? Congrats on your first sit! Is this your first time to the USA?

Hi Julie. Am driving around in a rental car. Am familiar with USA - worked/lived in Iowa for three years and travelled around various states. then and since.

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Oh nice! That’s awesome you were able to spend so much time here. Do you have a favorite city or state?