Trustworthy, adventurous and living in Norway!

Hi, I’m new here, signed up in January but I’ve really struggled with this introduction… I don’t even know if this is the correct place for it!
We’ll, I’m Tóta. Icelandic woman, 63 years old. Mother of three and 9 grandchildren! I grew up on a farm, love animals and have kept and cared for many pets through the years. I’ve been a hard working woman, done it all, more or less. Very Icelandic style!
Guiding foreigners in Iceland has been on of my favourite, fully qualified guide and driver. I’ve spent many months on a sailboat in Greece and Italy, travelled on my motorbike, and by car, in many countries in Europe, visited Africa and once to USA.
Like I mentioned I love travelling and I’ve been fortunate to be able to do that. Currently I live in Norway, I am retired and single. I’m adventurous and wanting to start my journey as a house sitter and caring for animals. Meeting new people and making new friends is and has always been important for me.


Welcome to the Forum @Tota & THS, I hope it meets all your expectations on house sitting and wish you all the best. I love THS & I am so glad I joined last year. One day I will make it to Norway, I had a trip booked for March 2020 to see the northern lights & a Ice hotel but didn’t make it… If I had it booked x2 weeks earlier I would have haha

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Hi @Tota
Welcome to THS and what a very interesting life you’ve led, and will continue to lead no doubt. That’s a fantastic picture of you. Enjoy your future housesitting and travels!

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Welcome to the forum, and good job getting your introduction posted!! As a seasoned traveler, petsitting is something for you that will go very well with that lifestyle. Iceland is a nice place to visit, and we will be there, as well as Norway next month. No petsitting, just stopping by on a cruise ship, before heading back to the US. Happy travels!!!

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Hi @Tota and welcome to the forum. Yes, this is the right place to let us all know a little more about you. You are just going to love TrustedHousesitters and your sense of adventure is what so many here have in common with you. I love seeing the pics of you in various locations and it makes me very eager to get back out and start traveling again…all the while snuggling up with some precious little furbabies.

Enjoy your adventures and make sure you post more pics as you travel along the way!

How wonderful! Welcome to the Forum (and THS) Tóta! It seems like you have lived a full and wonderfully exciting life so far. The photos of your adventures look amazing!

Welcome @Tota !

Your life sounds like an amazing adventure :sparkles:

I had the pleasure of visiting Iceland several years ago and cannot wait to return with my children :star_struck: We also have family in Norway, so are eager to visit there as well haha.

My family echoes your value of meeting new & interesting people. TH has been an incredible community to connect with diverse new friends all over the world :heart:

You’ll be a perfect fit for THS Tota ! Best of luck.