Petsitting a Husky in Norway!

Hey All,

I am Chris, a long term user of Trustedhousesitters. I have done petsits all over the globe over the last 5/6 years, in places including Paris, Switzerland, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa and Ecuador to name a few!

We have just done an epic drive in our van up to Norway to look after Maddox the husky and we have documented our experience. Would love to hear your thoughts and any feedback!

Speak soon!
Chris (& Paloma)


Fabulous and very well done!
Congratulations and welcome to the forum.
Looking forward to more « pet sitting traveling » tails!

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Hi Chris and Paloma … welcome to our community forum you found your way across Norway and now to the forum that’s one epic journey indeed!!

Thank you for sharing your TrustedHousesitters Norway adventure it’s great when we get to test drive a country through another member’s eyes and speaking of eyes Maddox must have the most intensely stunning of any Husky I’ve ever seen.

Out of all the countries you’ve explored on your journey which are your top 5 places and why? What has surprised you the most about the pets, the people and some of the places and always a difficult question, what is you numero uno, or could that be a place you have yet to housesit in?

Thank you and we look forward to many more C&P highlights …

Angela and the Team

Thank you again


Hey Amparo,

Thanks for the lovely message and sure we will have lots more updates for you! When is your next sit?

Chris :slight_smile:

I am a full time free woman :grinning:
Just finishing my last sit in UK, headed to a 2 month stay in the US this Thursday :wink:
I will check out your YouTube channel.

Hey Angela!

Thanks for the nice message :). Some good Q’s so here goes.

Top 5 Countries - Well Norway might have to take top spot here, we have been blown away by the views literally around every corner in the van! We did a petsit last year in Barcelona which we really loved. 3 dogs and lots of tapas. Then I would say Ecuador was totally insane with two cats, another 2 cats in Canada, and last but not least another moggy in Berlin! So many good memories petsitting :).

What I love is that pets really do adapt to new owners quite quickly. It was really sweet when Maddoxs’ owners came back that he would only go out for a wee when we told him and not his owners ha.

Oooh and we are keeping our eyes open for a mid-long term petsit in Japan, that is a dream of both of ours! Would love to hear about any opportunities that might arise there.

Just on another note Angela I was having a conversation with Robert from TrustedHouseSitters on Messenger and he mentioned he was passing on my details to Angela ( I am guessing that might be yourself?) to maybe utilise this video as a TrustedTale on your socials. If that is the case would love to chat more about that and how I can help share the story :).

Speak soon,
Chris & Paloma.


Hi Chris, thanks for all of the insights and some images would be a brilliant addition, a picture really does say a thousand words … As for your conversation with Roberts let’s pick this up by Direct Message

Great post … thank you!!

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I absolutely LOVE your videos!! Woah very well produced and edited! May I ask what your camera/gear set up is? I always struggle when traveling with what camera/gear do I want to take because I like to make the very least…but I do really enjoy getting great photos/video as well. I already know I like you two especially because your Paloma shares the name with my daughter. Happy travels



Great video @chris.jones.graphicdesign, makes me want to go to Norway to sit

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Hey Angela, Pic coming up and will inbox you shortly :grin:.


Hey Kelly!

Sure thing I have a Sony A7iii camera with a few tamron lenses and I edit with Adobe Premier Pro and After Effects.

And yes we normally do struggle with what to pack but since we have the van it has enabled us to carry a lot more so that has been great :grin:.

Haha great name that is for sure :sweat_smile::grin:.

Chris & Paloma

Ahh we knew it was going to be nice but it’s soo much more than we imagined!


Hi again Chris, thanks for your message and email will pick up with you directly.

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Chris & Paloma
Thanks so much for sharing you Stavangar experience and letting us know where we can see more!
I was scheduled for 2 weeks near Bergen when Covid shut the world down.
Take care.

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Hey Tom,

Ahh Sorry to hear your plans fell through with COVID, ours did too ( we were meant to be staying 3 months in South Africa but had to cut it short at 1 month…) do you have any more sits lined up?

The sit in Norway would have been in the middle of a RTW 3 month string - Hong Kong, Norway, 4x UK, Seattle.
I started sitting again in the US summer 2020 with occasional week-long sits, and got really active again in spring 2021 - about 30 sits since then. On my first return sit now in Hayes, UK for 3 weeks with Flynn a 2 year old mini-cockapoo. This is the first of 4 UK sits over over 2 months.
You can see pictures of my companions here -
A group of us sitting near London are getting together tomorrow.
Take care.

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Amazing thanks Angela,

Let me know when you have sent a message and I will pick it up (just in case it goes into spam etc). Have a nice day and speak soon :).


That’s what I thought! I have the same camera :clap: :grin:

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Hi Chris and Paloma, what an awesome video. So nice to see how sitters take such wonderful care of our 4 legged family members.
I just confirmed my first cat sitter for a short 12 day vacation. It will be the first time that I am away since I rescued her.
Please keep your videos coming, they are very enjoyable :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I wish you lots of wonderful sits and great travels.

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