New to TH but not to petsitting - hi from Brussels!

Hi! I just joined after a friend told me about this awesome site.

I’ve been dogsitting locally since last summer but love to change scenery sometimes, so she thought this was right up my alley, and she was so right :wink:

I’m looking forward to discovering new places (in Europe) from a local’s perspective while having furry company and working remotely!

I’ve adopted several senior dogs over the years, and my last one died of old age about a year ago. Since then, I went to Ireland to volunteer on an animal sanctuary and have taken care of other people’s pets, which I really enjoy - it’s the perfect compromise for me at the moment.

Nice meeting you all! Sarah


Hello @Sarah80 and welcome to TrustedHousesitters and to the the Community Forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

I just had a peruse of your profile and it looks great. I especially love your opening photo, I adore pigs! :pig:
I also noticed that you have 2 references on your profile which a great starting point to securing your first sit.

I have attached a thread which you should find helpful.

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That’s so nice to hear, thank you! I was already feeling a little down after a few rejections :wink: And yes, pigs are absolutely amazing creatures, so sweet and intelligent!


Hi @Sarah80 - If you are in Brussels Oct/Nov we will be there on a house sit 23/10-16/11 If you might be interested to meet for a coffee let us know


With pleasure! I just have no idea if I’ll still be here by then :wink: