Hi Im Jenny i am new to this site and could do with some tips

I have 5 Dachshunds and a daughter who lives in Portugal, its not the easiest mix but I’m hoping Trusted House Sitters will be my savior so i can go and spent some time with new new granddaughter.
Any tips in finding a sitter would be extremely helpful… many thanks.


Hi @JennyM and welcome. As always, @Petermac gives great suggestions.

If you have already joined TrustedHousesitters, I would suggest you provide details of your listing, by posting the location (city/country as shown in listing) and date range. This way sitters can easily find your listing. You can also embed your listing in your forum username.

If you have not yet joined THS, I’ll add a link to show the various membership levels and benefits.

membership plans & pricing


Hi Jenny - I am also very new to THS but so far have secured 2 definite and 1 pending sitter. I’ve spent a lot of time reading posts here and have adjusted my profile slightly based on what sitters say they prioritise when looking for a sit.
Definitely add your THS link to this profile then join in the chat and potential sitters can find your info easily.
For my first sit which is next w/e I was very proactive and contacted a number of local sitters, one of whom came up trumps.
Good luck :shamrock:


I wish we were retired now so we could apply. We are heading to Portugal in early June and can’t wait. Maybe this will work out next year for all concerned!


Hi @JennyM I just did a search with the spyglass and came up with an earlier post started by a homeowner that you may want to take a look at:


Congratulations @Jo27 on confirming your first sitter. You may find this blog post useful:


Ooh spooky I had just printed this off when I found your email with the link, thanks a lot for that.
My first sitter is next weekend and I have 1 other confirmed with another 2 probables lined up for chats - success beyond my expectations in week 1 great stuff :+1:


Hi @Jo27 Give yourself credit for have prepared a lovely listing with good photos. Training Max to write the Responsibilities section must have taken a while too. :rofl:

Max’s final comment says what THS is all about: I want to find a friend who will look after me as if I belong to them and will keep the house clean and tidy which will keep Mummy happy:-)

I hope scheduling your other dates goes just as smoothly. I know if I was planning to be in the area, I’d be applying. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks @Snowbird :+1:
He is one very smart pup :joy: You would be very welcome anytime!

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Hi, Yes lets keep in touch and see if we can sort something. I am planning on spending as much time as possible with my daughter with view to retire out there in a couple of years.


Hi, thank you for your advice.

I am very pleased I joined here as I have found a lovely sitter already.


Hi all!

We posted our first listing one week ago and haven’t had any applications yet. I’m not giving up! I truly believe in this platform and I know the perfect sitter will see our listing and apply. Ahhh, the power of positive thinking!

We live in a beautiful spot right in the middle of the USA in the Ozark Mountains. There’s something to do here in Branson for everyone, we have 8-10 million visitors a year to our small little town and that many people can’t be wrong.

I haven’t boosted our listing yet, but do plan to do that tomorrow. We have already made reservations for 5 nights away the middle of May and I’m not even going to think about having to cancel.

I would love for someone to have a look at our listing and let me know if there’s anything we seem to be missing. I really took my time putting our profile and listing together but it’s always good to have outside opinions!

Thank you all!! :paw_prints:


Hi @SunshineNCoastlines I am a homeowner, not a sitter, but had a few suggestions. First, your home and pets look and sound wonderful so I don’t think there’s any problem there. Photos are great. Two things I noticed you could update: your personal info is all about you as sitters, for me it was a little confusing to read about you taking care of other people’s animals vs how you spend time with your own animals or in your location. Perhaps if you are both HO and HS you could specify that. Second, there’s no detail about taking care of the dogs re: walks, feeding, etc. maybe it was cut off at the end?

Aside from that it may just be timing. As it’s only five days you could try inviting some local sitters if no one applies.

Hope that is helpful! :slight_smile:

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Very helpful! I will do a bit of tweaking. Thank you so much! :two_hearts::paw_prints:


Hi there! Me again! :grimacing: I have gone into my profile and have done a bit of editing. If you get a minute, perhaps you could have a pop over now that I’ve made those changes to give me an updated critique. Thank you again!!! :relaxed:

I love it! If I were a sitter I’d have a hard time resisting. Hopefully those tweaks help and you get a good response!

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Hi, we would love to spend time in Portugal if possible. Good luck, we are new to TH too.

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HI @jowalk and welcome to the forum and to TrustedHousesitters. Keep in mind we have an Introduce Yourself category where you can also share something about yourself with forum members. Once you’re in Introduce Yourself, just click on “+New Topic” and it will create a separate post for you. Forum members love photos too, but they’re not essential of course.

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