Greetings from Ski Town, USA (Steamboat Springs, CO)

Hello everyone! I am new to the sitting opportunities and super excited to get started! I live and own my condo in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, a small city and ski resort. This is my little slice of heaven but, alas, I live and work from home and once ski season ends I am ready to travel and adventure a bit. I work 100% remotely and have the worlds best boss whose mantra is “as long as the work gets done, go have some fun”. So, I do and plan to do more!

Although I currently do not have pets, we grew up with what my mother called “the zoo” as we had multiple pets of varied species at any given moment. Until recently, I was the proud mama to 2 beautiful GSD’s that each aged into the Rainbow Bridge. Unfortunately, my association no longer allows dogs so I yearn for K-9 companionship and love walking with my friends who have dogs. I am also happy house and plant-sitting as I do have an adventurous soul but live up to my responsibilities if there are furry or feathered friends as well.

I look forward to speaking and meeting many of you and look forward to our adventures together. If you are interested in , or have considered, coming to my little slice of heaven, please don’t hesitate to ask, my friends call me the “Steamboat Social Director” as I am very active in the community as well.

Cheers! Happy travels!


Welcome Courtney, I love Steamboat Springs, and have made a point to visit twice in the past 2 years. I love the stream rushing through town in May, and the forests to hike and the sweet town, that hot springs-shallow pool by the green grassy park, and big rocks to warm on, and (dry my hand washing clothes on!), and the Good Earth grocery store, and the healthy food restaurants. It is a wonderland of beauty and cozy charm, for sure. And, all so walkable.

I wish you well in this new adventure. I am also new to TH, and enjoying the opportunity to explore my new home in The United Kingdom, soon, (we fly there in May 2023,) before settling in Scotland, and learning Gaelic in The Hebrides. Life is a grand invitation, and I love that you are saying Yes, as am I, with my Assistance Dog by my side.

Wishing you success.

Claire + Tarkina.

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There are so many sitters and pet parents here who are ready to help you get started in this wonderful world of pet loving individuals.

I am from Denver, CO and lived for a while in Winter Park, but my true mountain love is Steamboat Springs. the valley is so beautiful, the skiing amazing, and the town is just so historical. We always rented a house for Thanksgiving holidays and enjoyed our family time there, watching and partaking in the skiing (which was usually amazing). I remember one year we arrived the day before Thanksgiving and it was 60 degrees. We were so bummed as no snow to be found anywhere on the mountain. Went to bed that night and woke up to a foot of fresh new powder. The kids were having a blast tubing down the hill and we all enjoyed the hot tub!

Can I suggest you add your member profile to your forum profile here at How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile - Owner & Sitter Exchange - TrustedHousesitters Community Forum. This will give you added exposure to all our members who can easily find your profile and hopefully a new sit can emerge!

I wish you all the luck (and did just see that ski season has been extended due to exceptional snowfall) and please don’t forget to send us pics of your amazing adventures!

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Thank you Claire! I am very excited to become an active part of this community. Wishing you the best of luck with your new chapter (my father’s native heritage) as well. I hope to venture to your neck of the woods in the coming years as well. I would love to build a traveling network since I am able to work from anywhere - but never during ski season (except to perhaps ski…lol). Please don’t hesitate to look me up or reach out again when you’re heading back my way! I love to show off my little slice of heaven!!! Courtney

Sweet, Courtney ~ I am happy to be a node of light in our traveling network in Cornwall, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, The Hebrides, Orkney, and Shetland, but I will not be back to Steamboat Springs, as this is a one-way flight for me, and I feel very very very complete here, in the USA.

I went on an ancestral road trip for 9 weeks, twice across America this past year, and it gave me peace to know my roots here, and inspired an even deeper understanding of how crucial it is for me to focus on healing my/our ancestral roots, + reclaim my true Gaelic language, where and as invited.

I’d love to connect when you are in The UK. See you there.

Aloha, Love,
Claire + Tarkina Snowfire

Fantastic! What an adventure. My mother and I were mapping out our heritage trip before she fell ill and passed away. She is Irish and my father is Scottish so we were going to go on quite an adventure. Her cousin traced their lineage back to about 325 A.D. in southern Ireland. When I’m ready I will reach out again to fulfill our quest. Thank you so much for the kind offer and sorry we won’t see you in our happy home town :slight_smile: Cheers!


We have a lot to catch up on, cousin.

My Scottish, Edinburgh-based-aunt, using only records, prior to this miracle-web, found our lineage back to 493AD, Irish Dalriadic Kings, inc. Robert The Bruce, naturally.

She was on a genealogy magazine cover, after her 30-year research journey. Graham, Anderson, Stuart, Grieg, + Cargill, being some of our lineage. Seems Robert the Bruce has a lot of kin! I have found our Orkney line goes back 33 generations to 1,000: a Viking King, Havard The Klo, “The Claw.” The town and name of Clouston came from Klo.

I did not like that my aunt had only the men listed, so I have found as many as I can of the women, and included them as well in my family tree work.

Dear me. How could the women be left out???

And, I have embroidered my family FOREST onto a long fabric cotton scarf, so I can wear it and share it on buses and trains, easily!

We will have a fun chat in Scotland someday! or…I will be in Ireland often, as I have a big clan of Celtic Mystics I work and train with, since 2009, from Ireland and the world.
Nice to connect with you here. I would love to hear your progress in this new adventure, and I am so so so sorry your mom is not sharing this journey by your side. I am SURE she is with you, for every breath + every step, in Spirit.

Claire + Lady Tarkina Snowfire