Hello from Santa Barbara!

Hi there! I just completed my/our profile today and am excited to explore the possibilities here.

As I said in my profile, I feel like learning about TrustedHousesitters was a gift from heaven. I have been missing animals acutely (since my last kitty passed a couple years ago), but not wanting to take on the responsibility of pet ownership right now because I feel this is my time to travel extensively. Voila! Here is a chance to have it all - animals and travel.

I have extensive experience with pet care and sitting, including medical care, and am a thorough, effective communicator. Prescott and I have lots of freedom and are excited to explore more of the world together, while meeting and caring for some precious pets.

Cheers to all!


Welcome to TH and the Forum, Maureen and Prescott! Taking up a housesitting/travelling lifestyle is certainly one of the best things I’ve done in my life and have never been happier, so I hope that you both have the same experience. You’re right to take up this wonderful opportunity now that you are pet free but have the bonus of meeting and caring for lots of other pets while you explore. All the very best!


Maureen thank you, your words are worth a repost they are the sentiment of so many in our community.

Pets, people and places … you have joined a community of kindred souls, pets are at the very heart of TrustedHousesitters and for those of us who began our journey after losing a beloved companion the rewards are immeasurable … welcome.

PS Santa Barbara is one of my very favorite places in CA …


Thank you, Smiley!

Thank you, Angela!
Btw, I understand there is a way to message owners (who don’t currently have sit available) just to say hello and get on their radar for the future, but I’m not finding how to do it. Is that possible? (I can post this in a different category if that’s better).
Thanks again,

Hi @Maureen-Prescott. There’s a great conversation going on here in the forum about sitters proactively reaching out to owners you may want to review.
Karen E

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@Maureen-Prescott the short answer is there isn’t a way for you to reach out to homeowners who don’t currently have a sit listing.

The best thing you can do to use your phone to search for listings in your desired area. When you find a listing you like (but with dates that don’t work for you) click the heart to mark that listing as a “favorite”. This way you’ll be notified the next time the homeowner adds new dates. Be sure to do this on your phone, not on the website on your computer, if you want to receive the notifications.


Got it @KarenE-Moderator; thanks so much!