Hello From Singapore

Hello Everyone. My name is Maya. I’m originally from Los Angeles, but have been living in SEA now for 11 years (3 in the Philippines and 8 in Singapore). My husband and I are teachers, so we’ve been using TH to travel during our winter and summer holidays. We also have a 1.5 yo daughter, and she now has one house sit under her belt as well. We are happy to be in Singapore with very few cases, but have not been able to leave due to the Covid situation.

Looking forward to hearing from others though and learning in the meantime.


Hello Maya and family @mim22 welcome to our community forum … We could start a children’s sitter club, we have many families enjoying our lifestyle would be so interesting to get their pet sitting perspective, perhaps a little early for your little one though.

It’s so good to hear your news about COVID in Singapore, I lived there for nearly two years and can understand why you are happy to be there, hopefully you will be able to resume your house sitting travels in the not too distant future.

We’re so glad you joined and can’t wait to hear more from you, enjoy the conversations and connecting with our community members.

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Hi Maya, nice to “meet” you. I have been sitting around SE Asia for around 3 years now, was based in Singapore until June. My last sit was in JB across the causeway, came back to Singapore 16th of March then planned to head off to Thailand on the 18th, but borders closed that night, and I ended up staying in SG for 3 months during circuit breaker. Had to head home to Scotland early June when my visa expired, but hoping to get back out there soon.
I have done around 10 sits in Singapore, enjoying exploring different parts of the island, and about another 30 sits across the region. It is a great place to house and pet sit…

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Thanks for the warm welcome! @Angela-CommunityManager

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Hi! @Petermac We love it here and really couldn’t ask for a better place to be during the pandemic. SG has started accepting tourists from AUS, NZ, Brunei and HK I believe. Hopefully some other places open up soon. We are hoping for more green lanes for mutual travel, so we can actually use our TH membership again.

Hopefully you’re able to make it back soon.

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