Hello from Switzerland (german part)

Hi, my name is Deep, abbreviation for Deepica. I’m originally from Sri Lanka and grew up in Switzerland. I speak fluent Swiss German, German and English.
I love traveling, animals, nature, oceans/lakes/rivers, writing, singing, cooking and of course my work as a life coach.
I am an optimist by nature, I laugh a lot and with pleasure!
It’s such a delight during my travels to meet new people and hear their life stories, spend time with animals, to get to know the country with its cultural treasures and beautiful nature, to have new experiences and to broaden my own horizon in the process.


@deep, welcome to the Forum! Your post epitomizes the very reason for inception of TrustedHousesitters, which is love of animals and wanting to see them happy and healthy in their own homes, all the while getting the opportunity to travel to new and exciting places around the world that otherwise might never have been possible.

I am so jealous of your four language ability as when I was younger I never believed I would need to know anything but English…and boy was that a mistake. I would give anything to speak Italian and/or Spanish as they are the two languages spoken in the areas we travel most.


Thank you very much for your kind reply.
And don’t be jealous :wink:…I always tell myself, “It’s never too late to learn or try something new in life, no matter how old I am or how much time it takes. And I’m sure that we all have priceless qualities as well as talents. That’s why every leap of faith is worth it!” :heartbeat:


Coincidentally, I am on a sit now in Zurich for a Sri Lankan woman!