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Hi Everyone,

I’m Barbara. I am originally from the Washington State in the US, married a New Zealander and now we are living in Switzerland. I am new to THS and found this forum on my dashboard. I’ve been reading a lot of the posts and find it so interesting from an owner’s and sitter’s perspective. There is so much to help us prepare for our first house sitters next year. One theme that comes through for a successful exchange is communication. I think the idea of a Welcome Pack is a great - to help sitters and to have a successful housesit experience for all of us. We’ve had a great response to our post for house sitters and we are just starting to look at narrowing down the field. The Covid situation as we head into winter seems, as always, a little fluid. We are thinking of looking for house sitters in Europe where it’s less likely to have cancellations on either side. I look forward to reading many more blog posts.


Hi @bgriffiths a very warm welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters.

Thank you for the wonderful introduction, the forum is one of the best places to come for help and support also there are excellent informational articles on the website blog with many focussed specifically on helping new members get started.

Also it’s wonderful to hear you’ve had a great response to your listing, one of an owner’s most difficult tasks is choosing just one from all of the applications and choosing the right sitter for your pet’s needs and your expectations is the most important thing of course and as you’ve read communication is the key. … The Welcome Guide is an important part of the familiarisation process and is the sitter’s reference document before and on the sit and can be shared with your sitter as soon as you confirm the sit.

Welcome again and enjoy connecting with our members from around the world we look forward to being part of your THS journey.

Angela and the Team

Welcome from another “Swiss from Washington State”! I have been using the site (has a HO) for 4 years now and it is great. Reading the forum (I just started reading last week!) has really proven helpful in fine-tuning what I offer to our sitters.

If you want any person pointers, feel free to reach out.


Welcome @bgriffiths from France. I’m sure you’ll get plenty of European sitters interested in helping you! We do a regular sit in the Alps near Chamonix and ended our sit last week with a few days on Lac Leman at Evian before driving home to Burgundy past Geneva. A very beautiful area. Enjoy the forum!

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