Hello from Toronto!

Thrilled to have found this wonderful community!
New to this site but love how it is a complete win/win for both sides!
As a new sitter, curious as to how long it generally takes for owners to reply to applications ie: no news is good news OR the opposite?
Are referrals a must for a new sitter?
Thanks in advance for all and any info!


@Louise65 welcome to THS! We are fairly new to the community having joined in October. We felt it was important to provide personal references, before being able to confirm/completing any sits. We found it a viable direction moving forward to begin petsitting, and we were able to confirm 6 sits before receiving any pet sitting reviews.

Homeowners respond to applications in various times frames. We’ve had some confirm before a video chat, and others feel the need to review applications longer, before making a decision. There is no hard and fast pattern…it’s completely up to their timetable. We tend to be patient, and allow them whatever option that suits their needs.

Best of luck in your search for sits.

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Thanks so much Joanne! I appreciate your input.
Will get on the referrals pronto!

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Hi @Louise65 a very warm welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters we look forward to sharing a long and happy pet and house sitting journey with you.

@Joanne has given you some great advice and there are topics on the forum from new and experienced members really worth a visit where they share lots of help and advice.

Also the website Blog has excellent articles to help a “newbie” and for every member who has numerous reviews, well we all started at exactly the same place, where you are now.

The key to success is crafting a great profile, adding references, verifications, high quality pics and always writing a personalized application. When possible start with local sits, if you’re flexible last minute ones make ideal opportunities.

If you have any questions do ask on the forum. When completed (although profiles are a work in progress) you can add the link to your forum profile and let other members get to know you. Here is the link on how to do that How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile

Welcome again.

Angela & the Team

welcome @Louise65 from another Canadian. Everyone has to start somewhere but if you can get some external reviews that helps to start things off. Local sits are good to start with, especially if you can meet the owners and pets ahead of time and establish a rapport. Local and last minute sits are even better :-). Then people feel more comfortable choosing you having met you and less pressured to make a hasty decision. Sits in less popular destinations get less applications and therefore yours will stand a better chance of being read. Generally owners respond in a timely fashion but we have had a sit we applied for -with lots of applicants - only acknowledged after 6 weeks. (and then we were chosen).

Hello Torontonian - I’m a sitter in Niagara :canada: I can assure you that there are always lots of sits listed in the Toronto area. Once you get a few reviews from local sits on your profile, then it often increases your chances of being chosen for other sits. Until then, work on getting some references to start. I hope you enjoy this new adventure. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks so much Angela! Great advice, will get on it!


Thank you so much! Will look into local sits…:slight_smile:

Thanks Snowbird! Working on all of the above!

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Hi @Louise65. Welcome to the forum. Thought I’d say hello as I’m sitting in Toronto - but on the other side of the world in New South Wales, Australia!

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