Hello TH sitters from Southport, UK

Hello, We’re Mark and Sue, newbies who just posted our first potential sit :crossed_fingers:
We live in a spacious flat in Southport, a small (90k pop), quiet seaside town on the Irish Sea coast, under 20 miles north of Liverpool and connected by a regular 45min trip on suburban rail.
We’re on TH to find care for Harry, our 13yo Springer Lab X. In old fashioned terms, a happy mongrel.
He likes lots of walks and runs, he’s friendly and he very rarely barks. We’re having a trial sit for a week in August while we go to London then we’re hoping for a 19 day sit in October. Best wishes sitters.


Hello Mark and Sue and welcome to THS!
That’s a very good idea to have a trial run with a sitter and I’m sure it will work out well for the longer sit.
I’m amazed that your 13 yr old Springer Lab Harry loves walks and runs as thought at that age he’d prefer to sleep! Good for him!
All the best!


Hello @markc. Welcome to TrustedHousesitters and the community forum. We’re glad you found us. As @Smiley said having a trial run is a great idea. What better way than to spend a week in London. That sounds like the perfect plan.

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Happy travels.
Karen E

HI @markc and Sue, and as already stated…Welcome to TrustedHousesitters. What a smart idea to have a trial run before the big trip. This is going to give you the confidence and trust level you are looking for before the big one! I don’t think you are going to have any trouble finding great sitters for that precious Harry. He is adorable and I have to say, he looks so much like my little Sassy Girl, but she was black, not brown. Beautiful dogs with beautiful, loving personalities. Your home is also very welcoming and your location…well, what can I say…I wish I was available in October as I would be all over applying to stay with Harry.

Have a great day!