Help in the Highlands

Hi there,
We are very new to house sitters and had such a great experience with our first sitters. We are now struggling to get anyone to come and look after our cats while we escape for a bit of sun in January.
We have had 2 applicants from abroad who unfortunately are not vaccinated and the cocid enter enter UK for invaccinated still.require them to self.isolate for 10 days. Thus has scuppered our sitters so we have started to look.for a UK based sitter.
We live in the Highlands of Scotland and I feel that nobody is keen to come this far north in the bleak mid winter when, to be honest the weather is not always at its best but there is also no guarantee that we will be snowed in.
We live at the edge of the Black Isle which is notorious for not getting and long lasting snow.
We have a lovely bungalow with ample space in and outside that anybsutter would be more than comfortable for the time we are away.
We choose to go away at this time.of year because the long dark nights have an adverse effect in our mental health by the time it gets ti March but we wouldn’t choose to live anywhere else as it is just paradise when the weather is great.
If anyone is free from 8th to 17tglh January then please get in touch.


Wow, a blast from the past. I spent a very happy 18 months working and living in Invergorden. I love it up there but as you mention it’s cold!
I hope you get a sitter for your cats. There’s so many good people out there and you do live in a very beautiful area no matter the time of year. Nessie hunting is a must. The road along the Great Glen is one of the most beautiful routes in Scotland.