Help understanding why HO's post so little information

@Angela-HeadOfCommunity , this is encouraging news at last!!
I wish they would send a survey to members asking how we think it would best work and then take in some of those suggestions, especially if it is one that is repeated by many members.
Personally, I’d love to see the option to PM one another. I do not want to say things that could be seen as negative publicly, but would explain why I might not choose to return to a particular sit privately to another potential sitter.
If not, then I think asking “on a scale of 1 - 5, would you return to this sit” or something.

I am also very detail-oriented, but I have to keep remembering that many people are not, and that can be fine.

For example, if a “casual” sitter applies to a “casual” HO, that’s probably a good fit.

Ditto for a “type A” sitter and “type A” HO; if anything, there are more things that could go wrong than with a casual match.

What’s tricky is when there’s a mismatch. So perhaps it’s for the best that they declined your application. =)


Hi @systaran
A similar scenario happened to me when I received a Welcome Pack differing to what I agreed as to where the cats slept. It was a deal breaker for me as I am an extremely light sleeper. I asked the HO to release me from the sitting. Thankfully they did. (It was a few months off though)
You may want to consider the same

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