Information HO can provide Sitters in posting

Hi all, we are HO since 2020 (have had 3 super sitters) and begin sitting with our 1st sit in June. Question for sitters: When posting our home for a sitter I am not sure how much information is too much (TMI!) I see some post with hardly any information and then I read mine and thing is that too much data? Sitters, when you read a posting for a housesit what are key bits of information that are helpful for you? Many thanks as I am getting ready to post a sit for December!


Too much information is better than not enough. And pictures of course.


Definitely the more the better, and that includes photos (especially of the areas that will be used by the HS). Though intricate details of pet and house care can be left to the video call and Welcome Guide, a post that includes anything special/significant that could impact whether or not a sitter feels capable or willing to do the sit will also save you from unnecessary screening. A few examples that I can think of include, pet medical or behaviour issues that might require additional skills and experience, expectations for handling specialized equipment or significant home maintenance tasks, complicated feeding or pet schedules. And don’t forget to include if your home is non-smoking!


Hi @Peg thank you for your excellent post and question and as you’ve already heard from members the more information about your home and pets the better, that way sitters will have the information they need to assess whether it could be the right sit for them and ultimately the right sitter for you, your pets and home.

Images are especially important sitters like to see where they will be calling home … both inside and out and of course pet photos. To help, wear a sitter’s hat, what do you want to see and what would make you apply for a particular sit?

We are all different however, clean, tidy and a feeling of comfort, a picture really does say a 1000 words. Caring enough to ask shows great consideration.

Thank you again for joining and all that’s left to say is … welcome to our community forum.

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@lifephasenext - thanks for feedback, esp the smoking had totally forgotten that one!

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More is better than less. If you don’t want to consider sitters who travel with their children and/or pets, please say so on the frontend. I like to see photos of the bedroom and bathroom that we will use, as well as the kitchen and living room. I like to see photos of the pets and information regarding their sizes, energy levels, routines and needs. The responsibility section is really important. Sitters have to gauge how much of their time will be dedicated to pet care, gardening, pool maintenance, etc. before applying. If your pet has separation anxiety and can’t be left alone more than an hour, please put that in your listing. There are many digital nomads who work from home and may be happy to be homebound most of the time, but for others it would be a dealbreaker. It sounds like you are a very thoughtful person, so I am sure that your sit will attract many great candidates. Good luck.


oh yes totally agree on the non-smoking point which means that up to now I have been lucky in getting all my sits in houses (expect for one recurring sit outside of THS) in non-smoking houses. I have asthma but am not allergic to animal thank goodness. But a smokers environment would really play havoc with me. I do however think many THS people are the more outdoory types of people who if they had ever smoked have given up and are going for the healthy life


Too much info is better than almost none. As already mentioned, ease of transport, whether a car is needed, or if there are bus stops nearby. Do the pets require medications? Info that Vets’ contact details will be available, and that arrangements might already have been made at the vets for emergency treatment (I know this is rare). Are there cameras installed to protect the property? Do the neighbours know that a strange car will be parked in the driveway or that a stranger will be seen walking their dog/ may be seen around the property. Emergency contact details of neighbours / family/ home owners themselves. Any workmen due eg garden maintenance, cleaners?
Also, and I know that THS has promised to look into this: whether the home owner will allow the sitters’ own dog on the sit. For me, this is imperative, and if the info does not already include this, I tend to scroll on. by. Also, the approx length of time it might take before a decision is made. I see so many sits I 've applied for, and my application is still unread after 5 days. That’s a little disappointing. Hope this all helps.


@southernsitter, great information! I have made notes of them to adjust my request for a sitter!