Help Us Know Your Preferred On Sit Amenities

I agree that many of the things listed in previous posts are essential, like cats indoor/outdoor, wifi, shops nearby, bus stop, car needed, etc, but if I also began to mention how many pillows/duvets, with or without feathers, perfumed or not…there might be numerous more things some sitters find important, nobody would read half of the listing and I could definitely understand why.

I think it’s perfectly alright to ask the HO, before putting sheets on the bed, to wash them without perfumed detergent. My last sitter did and even if I usually used perfumed detergent, which I don’t, it would not have been a big deal to do it.

Would you as a sitter really want to read all this in a listing?


The vintage clawfoot tub is like a piece of art. I do not want to shower or bathe in it.

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No I would not. I would go as far to say that if someone were to list too many details and particulars then that to me would not be a match. I, despite all my ramblings here, am a very relaxed easy going person. Everyone likes to be comfortable but the reality is that when you choose this lifestyle there will be many inconveniences.
This is why I am of the belief that conversations, one to one however you choose to have them, over a series of emails, texts, video whatever… those are the moments to make your discoveries about each other.
What are the subtle and not so subtle nuances that each party has that would be deal makers or breakers.
And for sitters, again I say know why you are doing this to begin with because those are critical bits of information that serve to guide you in the choices you make when selecting a sit as well as traveling, especially to a new country or region of one’s own country.
Self analysis about our own expectations, flexibility and adaptability. Being receptive to making do and enjoying the experiences, good or bad because that is how we learn.
It’s part of the journey.


Hi there
I like the idea of having a simple selection as it is at the moment, but then, if you want to go deeper and choose specific things, you can have the choice.
It is handy to have the lists, especially if you have to make a decision between 2 places that are “similar”… but could be very time consuming to go into too much detail too soon, so basic function still needed.

Thank you

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@Katie we are all so different, and that’s what makes things interesting. I dislike any type of bathtub, no matter how pretty it is, and want to enjoy a shower. However, thankfully most people with tubs still have some version of a shower or an attachment, so life is good. :bathtub: :shower:


so when I try to keep my verbiage to a simple one word, it’s not enough :rofl:
So here we are

I might want to know these picayune details because it might affect what I pack. For example, I make a lot of pureed soups – a great way to get your vegetables, and if there is no blender and I happen to be driving, I will pack my immersion blender. Some homes do not have a microwave. I lived without one for many years on the principle that they denatured food so I can certainly manage without one, but I don’t want to unless the experience is worth the doing without. So I would rather know ahead of time if there is no microwave. The presence or absence of fragrance might be important to someone with respiratory issues. I would love to know this, especially the presence or absence of pet “fragrance,” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: though how would you diplomatically ask this on a listing? :rofl:I realize some of these suggestions might be better suited to the Welcome Guide but @ArjunaTHS was originally asking us to consider the gamut of amenities – more like a wish list. Let us brain storm and leave the accept/reject decisions to the THS team. Hey, I would love a sauna!


Parking situation is important to me, or
How easily reached by public transport
How long animals can be left alone
Outdoor space (pictures)


I agree that you would want to know which amenities are in the house, but you don’t need to read all of them in the listing.
You pack after you and the HO agreed to the sit so there should have been enough time and opportunity to find out what to pack :wink:…nobody begins packing right after reading the listing…


Thanks to everyone for their suggestions and input so far. Really valuable feedback :slight_smile:

If anyone wants to be even more super helpful, I have another request on a thread here :wink:


I totally agree with your first sentence about being given info whether the cats are indoor or can go outside. I have had sits in smaller apartments in hot countries where windows and were not allowed to opened and really didn’t like the lack of ventilation at all.

Thinking about the listings it would be helpful if facilities were listed similar to the way does. As a sitter I would want to know whether there was
Use of a car
Washing Machine
Tumble Dryer
I stayed on two sits where there was no hairdryer. I didn’t think to ask but it was a real inconvenience as I wash my hair every day. I now take a travel hairdryer but want to reduce the amount of luggage I take.

Ability to download the Home Guide as a PDF.
We were just in Austin TX. land of Google Fiber Internet.
But also horrible cell service.
Upon arriving, we needed to look up the wifi password in the Guide, so we could tap into that great Google Fiber 150 Mb service. Using our phones, we couldn’t load the THS site. Had to drive elsewhere where we could get better cell service in order to see the Guide and get the password.
Not the first place we have had sits where cell service is marginal.
Should be pretty easy.
Needn’t be anything fancy, just the details.


Even if the cell phone reception is good where we live, you never know if the sitter wants to use it for loading files. I tell the sitters that our welcome guide will be available printed at the house so there’s neither the need to print it themselves nor having to scroll through the tiny pages on a phone.