HELP: US Remote Worker Visas

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Was hoping someone could give me advice on where to look regarding remote work visas in several countries, I’ve been applying to sits in the UAE, EU, and a couple other places. In general, whenever I look at work visas they are under the guise of staying for 6 months and gaining employment in the country I’m traveling to. Just in general I’m spending hours looking for information and contacting gov’t agencies, only to take too long and have the HO pass on me due to this. I’ve travelled and housesat before; however it was during college for unpaid internships so work visas were not an issue. I’m really hoping anyone can give me advice on where to look for this information. Most sits I apply to fit within the timeframe of a tourist visa in the countries, yet I’d presume it’s not okay for me to work for an American company on this visa. Also note: my company would likely not be willing to sponsor any visas for me, given that I’m travelling on my volition and not for company purposes.

Thank you in advance for any advice!

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The answer will vary widely depending on where you will be living. Some countries probably don’t consider remote workers to be “working” in that country, other would consider that to require work authorization.

I am a US immigration lawyer. It is a very grey area of immigration law in the US, so presumably is just as murky in other countries. Here in the US, very well-respected immigration lawyers have different opinions, so it may be difficult to get a firm answer for other countries also.

would start by checking the website for that consulate, e,g, check the immigration section of the Turkish consulate in the US, if you are going to Turkey.

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Thanks @BunnyCat for the help … @lgwaks welcome to our community forum and this link may be duplicating information apologies in advance if that is the case, however it is a recent post on The Expatriate Groups website January 27th 2023