HELP with getting a sitter


Hoping you can help, I was expecting more contacts but nothing coming through, I know I need to update my pictures of the house but what can I do better to to encourage people to find me and be interested in house sitting,

Any help would be appreciated

Thank you


It is probably too early for most sitters to apply. Your sit isn’t until July and many sitters wait until closer to the date to make plans, especially with unpredictable travel restrictions emerging now. If you search prior posts on the forum you will see lots of suggestions for improving your listing and reassurance about timing.


Your profile is pretty good. One thing I would suggest upgrading is more information on transportation. It sounds like a sitter could get by without a car, but that isn’t clear.

Thanks Lassie

Im just nervous and want to know I have cover for my holiday, we cannot afford to leave it till the last month.

I will try and communicate more and change my pictures as they were a bit rushed

Thanks again


Hello Richard;
It is still a bit early so do not not press the panic button yet.
Looking at your listing there are a few things that I see could be tweaked.

Your headline says “fury”, did you mean furry or are they a force to be reckoned with? :rofl:
some of your photos are not very clear and a bit dark.
Spend a few minutes on this and be patient.
Keep us posted and best wishes.

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Agree, the headline definitely needs work! " House sitter of sitters required to look after our fury children"
@rmorris2007 - Aside from better photos, a more informative headline will get attention. No need to say that you need a sitter - that’s obvious from the fact that you are on this site. Say something they can’t see from the thumbnail, e.g. “Small dogs, no walks needed, near London” . The listing also has a lot of typos that make it hard to read, especially for someone whose first language isn’t English.

Good luck!

Hi Lassie

Much appreciate the feedback, sorry been off line working away.
I will spend some time making changes and improvements

Thanks again