Helping our neighbours

Since the forum membership has been opened.
Some people are fluent in their English and some not so.
We as a forum can learn from each other.
We personally can’t speak.
French German Spanish.
But willing to learn.
Pets are pets where ever we come from they know .
Good from bad.


With all the odd words we say in Oz/Nz etc, someone may be befuddled :thinking: and happy to explain meanings etc. I can hear/sense the varying accents from some of the posts :+1:

After living in multiple non english speaking places (again soon) I understand what it’s like to try and follow along but still be lost :woman_facepalming:.


This forum is a great place for us all to gain a better understanding of how not only language but also customs and assumptions differ from country to country (even from one English-speaking country to the next). :slightly_smiling_face: