Hello from New Forum Moderator KarenE

I am a new moderator here on the forum and am looking forward to meeting you. So you can get to know me a little bit, here’s the story of how I was bitten by the pet sitting bug.

In 2012, my husband and I sold our house and left our jobs to embark on what would become a nearly three year trip around the world. We had a long list of places we wanted to see but no idea how long our money would last.

Many times as we were looking for that next inn, hostel or rental my husband would suggest a particular place because there was a cat or a dog in one of the pictures. We turned two of those housing selections into unpaid pet sits to both the homeowner’s and our benefit. We loved getting “fur time” in, cuddling and playing with four-footed friends, and the homeowners knew their pets were getting loving attention.

Later, when my husband and I were in India, half a world from home and trying to stretch our budget as far as we could, I learned there were websites devoted to bringing pet owners who wanted to travel together with travelers who wanted some pet time. We signed up, and the rest is history.

Our first sit through a pet sitting website was in Melbourne, Australia with two big, lovable Samoyed-mixes. They were an absolute delight! They lived for their daily playtime at the local “footie” field, and we loved taking care of them. The process of finding and setting up the pet sit was so easy, and the homeowners so gracious, that we’ve continued pet sitting to this day. There’s nothing quite like having a big furry friend to cuddle with in front of the tv at the end of the day.

That’s how it all began. I’m sure you have a wonderful story of how you came to pet sitting or using TrustedHousesitters, too. I’m looking forward to getting to know you in the days to come and to hearing your pet-related stories.

Safe travels!


Hi @KarenE-Moderator What is a “footie” field?


Hello @KarenE-Moderator and welcome to the forum and to the forum team. I get a sense that the ‘big furry friend to cuddle with in front of the TV at the end of the day’ is not your husband? :joy: I hope you enjoy your new role here. I have no doubt that Angela and her team are happy to have you here.

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Hi @sharondc. A “footie field” is an oval field where teams play Australian Rules Football. It’s very similar to a football field in the US, and many towns in the Melbourne region have a field in a central part of town that gets used during the day, when no teams are using it, as a dog park.


Good one @Snowbird! You gave me a giggle for the evening!

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(Hubs is bald) :wink:

Great to welcome you as a new moderator @KarenE-Moderator and read your story. Being an Aussie, I’m very familiar with footy grounds!!! Am I allowed to ask where you are based?

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Hi @temba. Thanks for the welcome. I am US based (wherever my car is, as we’re fulltime travelers without a home base), so yes, you know a whole lot more about footy grounds than I do! :laughing:


Welcome as a new moderator @KarenE-Moderator


Thanks @Colin.

Hello @KarenE-Moderator and welcome as a new moderator to the community forum :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks @Samox24.

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Welcome to the forum as a new moderator @KarenE-Moderator


Hi @Debbie. Thank you.

Thanks everyone for making @KarenE-Moderator feel so welcome. :wave: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Karen is a great addition to our growing Fortum Team, there will be more introductions over the next week and we know our community will make all of the new team members feel just as welcome.

Meanwhile don’t forget to send us your weekend photos, (Travel Talk) Caturday pics (All about Pets) and the 100,000 celebration post is waiting to hear when you joined.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Welcome @KarenE-Moderator. I’m also an Aussie and know all about footy fields but in Queensland it’s rugby league not that aerial ping pong game they play in Victoria! Sorry @temba I couldn’t resist the friendly sledge! :wink: For all non Aussies on the forum there is great interstate rivalry in football codes. It is a sport in it’s own right!

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Thanks @Crookie.

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Hi Karen - welcome to the forum! I see there are a few moderators on the forum and I’m just curious - how does one become a moderator on here - is it just voluntary?

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Hi @Globetrotter thank you for being a great contributor on the forum and for asking your question I will Direct Message and help with your “curiosity” …

Welcome! Are you still living the nomad life?