Hi from Long Island, New York

Hello. I love to travel the world and visit grandchildren living in a different state. I was very worried about how I would care for my 3 year old kitties at home. THS is like a miracle. i have not had my first sitter yet, so I am nervous and skeptical. But it is such a perfect idea, both for the pets and sitters. i am close to NYC and LI beaches, so a nice place to stay. i am hoping for a good outcome. If those of you who are more experience have had any poor experiences, I’d like to know how to avoid them.


Welcome! I’m a cat person I have 2 of my own (including a 17-year old) and 4 foster kittens now (6 weeks old). I would love a sit on Long Island. I’m overdue a visit to NYC and love the idea of sitting near the city, but not in Manhattan. I have applied for one or two LI sits, but didn’t get them - maybe because i am very new to THS and didn’t have any reviews until a week ago. I will watch for your posting!

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I think you did apply to my posting. And I liked your bio. But, I am have not
had my first sit yet and I am looking for a lot of experience. Once I am
more comfortable, I will definitely keep you in mind.

I don’t think that was me. I only see one LI sit that I applied for, and it was a male HO. Good luck finding someone.

I guess it’s another Elaine in Dallas. I couldn’t pull up ur profile from the Community site.

If it was in the last 2 months (since I joined THS), maybe it was me and I don’t remember!

How do I find your profile?

If Elaine wants to appear under her profile on this forum, you click on her picture and the link to her profile will appear
Otherwise you may send her a private message…

Hi @cmalexan welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters, thank you for joining us from NYC.

Thank you also for the “Miracle” reference, keeping pets safe and happy at home is the miracle of TrustedHousesitters. As vets all agree home is best. Pets receive one to one care from their family and the very same from their sitters, nothing in their routine changes for them allowing their human family members to travel with absolute peace of mind.

There are many helpful articles on our website blog for new members to help you prepare for your first sit experience.

It can be daunting taking that first leap of faith but we are here help and you are never alone.

Please ask any questions and the one important thing to remember … communicate, communicate, communicate, verbally, in writing through messaging and via the Welcome Guide.

Enjoy being here and connecting with members from around the world … and NYC.

Angela and the team

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Hi and welcome @cmalexan! To see if @ElaineInDallas applied for your sit, click on your inbox. Her application or correspondence will be in there. It never goes away.