Hi from Venice, Italy

Hi! My name is Valencia and I live in Venice with my husband Giancarlo, two cats and one dog. I’m from the United States and Giancarlo was born and raised in Venice. We’re both retired now, but own a small shop in the city near the Arsenal and Giardini area. We love traveling and have had great sitters from THS to care for our pets while we travel.


Hi @Val_Sco and welcome to the forum! Wow, Venice…one of my favorite places to visit. Wish I could have offered up an application to you for the winter, but not possible at this time. All three of your babies are precious…and your home is cute as can be!

My name is Debbie and I am one of the forum moderators, as well as a sitter member of TrustedHousesitters. I was an owner member for three years and have now moved over to a sitter membership, so I have insight into both sides of the memberships.

I am hoping you can easily find your way around the platform and it will interest you to join in the conversations. Our members are great and the forum is a great place where you can get to know one another. They have a wealth of knowledge with all things petsitting, so always feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns about future or a present sit.

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We are always here to help, so please don’t hesitate to message us with any questions or concerns.

Also, can I just ask how you came upon the forum and decided to join? I am always curious as to what drives someone to a certain site.

Have a great day!

Debbie – Forum Team Moderator


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Hello Val_Sco,
Are you a sitter or a home owner. Or both? We would certainly be interested in sitting for you in Venice if our schedules matched up.
Dan and Nan


Welcome @Val_Sco. I did a sit in Treviso earlier this year and visited Venice a couple of times. Beautiful place.
I’d love to visit again but unfortunately I’m allergic to some dogs. However there’s many great sitters that I’m sure you’ll find would love to spend time with your fur gang.


I’m currently trying to do the mental math on how long of a walk it would be from your area to where my favorite gelato shop in the entire world is. Gelatoteca Suso. Also, now I’m drooling and daydreaming of Venice :drooling_face:

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Hi thanks for the welcome note. Fortunately I have found a sitter for our fur babies that I think will be perfect. After the listing didn’t generate the response I’d hoped for like r usually does, I reached out through the site directly to sitters available for Italy.
We love Treviso. It’s one of our favorite day trips!


Hi Kelly,
I don’t know where that one is. Will look it up. However near me are two excellent ice cream shops, Penguino and Krystal. Both are just a short walk from our home and shop!


Pleased you’re sorted now. Yes Treviso is a very beautiful place. Liked it a lot.

I’m a homeowner and we normally take this 2-2,1/2 months trip to Spain every year around this time. I request one person to sit and not a couple only because our guest room now has a single bed or what’s called “piazza e mezzo” in Italy, so slightly larger than a single but not a double. It’s really suitable for one adult or one adult and a child.
But thank you for offering!

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Hi Debbie,
Thanks for the welcome note. I’ve been a member of THS for about 3 years now as a HO and have always found the perfect sitters for our home and pets. We’ve always come home to seeing them happy and well-cared for.
I found the forum advertised on THS website and decided to join after I’d checked it out for information, to get others opinion. I think for now I will keep my member profile and forum separate, but thanks for the suggestion.

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Hi @Val_Sco welcome to the forum and THS :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: My husband and I are Italians living In Tuscany, Pisa. We’ve had several stellar experiences in THS as house/pet sitters :kiss:


Ooh lovely Venice . How lucky you are :slight_smile: Hope to one day get back there again and wander through all the streets and alleyways. Great gelato and coffee at Gelateria Nico looking out towards Giudecca.

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@maggie…and don’t forget the great bruschetta shops along the way!

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So many great places to eat so many scrummy things. Found a lovely restaurant on one of the hidden squares. We sat and watched all the people walking to the big demonstrations about the cruise ships as i went with a friend just after the cruise ship had hit the Quay and hit one of the smaller tourist ships and dragged it along the quay. Venice at it’s most annoyed I think at the time.
Loved walking all over the place especially in the quieter area’s that were less touristy.

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I would love to sit for you. I’m a retired airline person, love Venice and every animal! I have a house/pet sitting business in the the Houston, TX area. Pleas let me know if I can be of any help.

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Hi @JanF1261. Welcome to the forum, and thanks for joining the conversations. Are you a member of TrustedHousesitters? If you have any questions about joining, don’t hesitate to ask.

Again, welcome to the forum.

Hi JanF.

I always post our listing around November and for this year we have founda sitter for our home and pets.

The opportunity to spend two months in Venice, living like a local is an exciting prospect to many.

This year it was more difficult to find a sitter due to the new THS policy of pausing after only 5 applicants.

However check the listings and perhaps we meet up one day.

I remember that moment too well! The large cruise ships are no longer permitted to enter into the city anymore. There was another close call after that one. I actually watched it from our shop and it was scary.

Venice is a wonderful place to live.

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!

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Welcome. What a great place for a petsit!