Hello From Venice, Italy

Hello everyone,


I am Matt, from Venice, a mother of two toddlers.

I have just joined this great community. would love to hear from you all… This is just a little intro… Will add the proper intro in the boi section later.

Again Nice to meet you all!!

Have a great day!!




Hello Matt,
I would like to extend you a very warm welcome to the TrustedHousesitters forum. It is a great place to connect with other members, browse topics and find out answers to your pet and housesitting questions.

Are you joining us as a sitter or pet owner, or maybe both?

You can also add a link of your TrustedHousesitters profile or listing to your forum profile. This is a great way to get helpful feedback and insights from other members and help you on your TrustedHousesitters journey!

I hope that you connect with some wonderful community members on here and share some of your experiences in Venice.

Best wishes Carla


Thank you so much @Carla for writing back to me.

I am really glad to connect with this community. Yes, I can completely understand your concern. Sure will follow the guidelines.


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Hello everyone. I am in Venice, so if you are in the area, I would be glad to assist and have a coffee with you.

But The weather is cold and dull in January, and it rains an average of 40mm over eight days.

This is really great time for winter lovers.


Hello @mattsharon and welcome to the Community Forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:
Venice is certainly one of our favourites, we last visited in March and decided to visit Burano this time as we had always missed out on visiting there before and really pleased we made time to visit. The colourful buildings are beautiful, oh and the food!! :yum:


Hi @mattsharon. I was lucky enough to do a sit in Treviso last September so spend a couple of days in venice. Unfortunately it wad rather crowded and hot (I think 31-33c) when I visited. I’d love to visit again in a cooler month when a little less crowded. Beautiful city though. Spent hours wandering down different alleyways!


Thank you so much @Carla_C for your kind words. I really glad to join this place. It really looks like a home touch. Every member looks like every known to me…

Thanks again!!

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Hey @Samox24

Great pics… It seems you had really great time over here. yes, absolutely colorful building is a spot point for every tourist. but you must try a boat ride…

Thank you so much you love our place.

@mattsharon ahh yes we love the boat rides, it’s a definite must do on any trip to Venice! :speedboat::blush:

Hi I’m going to be cat sitting in Venezia in April! Will wave as I go by