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Greetings. Just took time to connect and saying hello> One remark I read made me think about a tough time I had. Not sure if I saw answer yet, but does the homeowner get to see my review ?
In response to what I leave. I take photos of each pet. When I get a good one (cats can be tough) I frame it and leave it (or one framed photo of each pet) in a conspicuous place for the returning owners. All have been very happy with that and I get them printed or review and print at CVS or Walmart where they have the equipment to use. Its not expensive and I can find a frame there often.


Hello @gsteph

I think you mean you’d been reading this topic:

Hi and Welcome @gsteph :wave:

The answer is yes, as soon as you submit the review, the other person is able to see it right away.

That is such a sweet and wonderful thing to do. I have read of a few other sitters who do the same things, and I bet the homeowners love it.

Again welcome to the forums, should you have any other questions or concerns, there are lots of post and topics, even on the you asked. If you use the spyglass/magnified glass at the top right spyglass, you can type in different keywords, and it will bring up topics related to it. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, new post and questions are always welcome. Looking forward to chatting with you.
-Deb :heart:

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What a GREAT thing to do…that is so thoughtful. I know we always miss our babies so much when we travel without them.

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