Hi I'm Ellie - pet & house sitter - Scottsdale AZ, and NY.NY

Hi There,
I’m a part time pet sitter based in New York, NY. and Scottsdale, AZ. I am a writer and in PR, but am fully remote and work my own hours from anyplace. . I have a few regular clients in Scottsdale, a big boxer (dog) mix, who is older, needy, and aggressive - and love him dearly.
I also sit four cats that all have different diets, personalities, and medical needs.
For the owners I also water plants, pick up mail and deliveries, organize the cleaning crew, pool man, and more. What ever needs to be done.
My first job when I was thirteen was in a veterinarians office. I would take care of the animals including large upset dogs, very sick ones and more. I was even in surgery once - for a guinea pig - he didn’t make it.
I have always had a way with animals and the neurotic and scary ones love me, so I can handle them all and have no problems giving medication, making special meals, etc.


You sound like the perfect sitter with all your experience and patience!


Thank you.

Hi @EllieL,

Welcome to the forum we’re happy to have you. You sound like you would make an excellent sitter for so many especially those that have pets with more needs. I’d love to learn a little more about your boxer. What is his name? Would love to see a photo of him if you’d like to share.

Also, you may want to link your member profile to your forum profile for additional exposure when you are using the forum. To do so just go to How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile

Will you be doing most of your sitting in AZ or NY?

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Hello @EllieL and welcome to our community! Our “work from home” members are certainly on the rise and it sounds like you’ve got a good balance of locations, remote work and pets to share your time with :slight_smile:

Had a quick peek at your profile and you may already have this in hand, but if not, wanted to let you know you can reach out to your regular clients for references from your dashboard. These really do help when applying for sits. There’s a new blog out this week on the THS website that indicates there’s a 20% better chance of sit success if you have 3 references … sounds like that would be easy for you to achieve!

Look forward to seeing you around the forum, and please feel free to start a topic on any subject that might appeal … I’d love to hear more about members who make up special meals for pets for instance :slight_smile:

Take care, Vanessa

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Thank you, good ideas. Not sure, I also have a lot of family in Florida. My regular client with the boxer is in Arizona and take one to two weeks per month. I will put more pictures up.
Thanks again