HO Cxld International Sit One Day Before Start!

It worked because you were already there, right? If you hadn’t got on your flight yet, wouldn’t you have been out of luck?

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Hi there @lifephasenext
Well yes certainly. If I had not already been there I would have no need to make a claim as I would have made other arrangements and I would have also not been available for this sit with less than 24 hours to arrive, unless I was traveling from Europe.

I was a bit disappointed for it would have been a phenomenal sit, sweet elderly cat, massive estate home and lovely people I had already personally met.

But for me, it worked out exactly perfect.
I had an amazing stay in my hotel and they were able to begin treatments without having to cut their international holiday short.

Thanks for asking. These are all great questions and things that do factor in our decisions.
All the best.


Really good to know they came through! Thank you for sharing.


It is great to hear that the process went much faster than what has often been mentioned here (three months or so), but that is not the kind of money that I would want to gamble on the insurance coming through.

In the UK and especially around London, there are so many other sits. Did not THS require that you send out other applications?

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No they did not but I looked and nothing that met my needs.
Also I scrutinized the criteria and the availability of hotels in the area before making the decision to proceed. I also asked a lot of questions to the team. I did not want to just do it.
The other option was to take a holiday elsewhere. But the benefits of submitting the claim won.


That is great to hear that the process does work!

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So, you stayed 2 nights at the previous Pet owners home, and then in a hotel for 18 nights. but there is a total of money that you can claim? I am just trying to understand the rules.
I should read through them, since I am applying for 2 month sits, etc…
I am glad it worked out for you, and thanks for telling us about it. sounds like you got a break and a rest from helping others.

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Here is a link to the T&Cs of the sit cancellation Plan which covers Premium members only .

(Sit Cancellation Terms - sitter | TrustedHousesitters.com)

For Premium Sitters -

“In the unlikely event of your pet parent cancelling, this plan provides up to $150 compensation per night to cover the cost of alternative accommodation, up to $1500 per sit.
Terms and Conditions apply”

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As @Silversitters states, familiarize yourself with the the different tiers of membership. You can do this simply by clicking select a plan or change your membership tab and you will see a copy comparison. In the premium column you will see the sit cancellation. Review it and I am certain that if you reach out to membership services they will be able to review in detail all the T&C. They actually sent me an email with all the details. Once you have all the information, you can decide what tier is best for you.
All the best @amiga_gato

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Good to hear !!