Sit Cancellation feedback

Hello, I’d like to share some feedback about the Sit Cancellation refund process. Hopefully this can help THS improve this a bit and it can give other sitters a perspective on how it works.

I recently had to use it for the first time as a HO cancelled a weekend sit 5 days before it was due to start. My refund was of 137 GBP with THS’s contribution fee of 100 USD already discounted.

25 Apr: first contact enquiring how it works - very helpful customer service with lots of information and no small print.
26 Apr: made the claim
1 May: Another agent gets in touch saying they’d take over the claim.
15 May: Claim is finally submitted.
22 May: Claim is finally been approved and I send my bank details. ETA for payment is said to be 7-10 working days.
8 June: I chase since I received no payment after 13 working days.
10 June: Agent says payment was declined and asks for alternative bank details.

46 days after submitting the claim, I still haven’t been paid. And I only found out that their payment attempt had failed because I chased the agent, otherwise God knows how long they’d take to ask me for alternative bank details.

Now, I think if THS wants to take a cut of the claim (contribution fee of 100 USD), the least it could do is offer a speedy refund. The process has been very slow with me having to chase the agents for an ETA every step of the process.

And this is a small refund, imagine being out of pocket this long for a 1,500 USD refund which is their max.

I’m really not trying to have a go at anyone, just sharing our perspective on what it is like to go through this cumbersome process. I’m genuinely considering downgrading my plan when it’s time to renew it.

I’ll update this post once I finally receive my refund.