Want to cancel a sit but unsure of process

Hi can someone advise, I’ve been chasing a HO for weeks to communicate about a sit and I really don’t feel good about proceeding. I have left messages on here and sent a text message which hasn’t been picked up.

My gut is telling me to cancel will I get a bad review if I cancel now? For context they have two weeks to find an alternative which isn’t a huge amount of time but I am feeling very uneasy.

Advice appreciated

THS will probably try to reach them/nudge them to respond to you.

If they don’t respond to anyone and you want to cancel, THS will have to do that for you. Do they have other reviews?


Hi Sara
If the HO isn’t responding, you should reach out to THS membership services and explain your repeated attempts to get in touch and how you will need to cancel the sit and make other arrangements if you do not hear from them.

They will then attempt to reach out to the HO asking them to get in touch with you. If you still don’t hear from them, THS can cancel the sit on your behalf.

If the HO does make contact with you after getting prompted by THS, you could still cancel on the grounds their lack of communication is giving you reservations about moving forward. You wouldn’t get a review for a sit you didn’t do.

THS does claim to track cancellations but based on a post I saw from a moderator on this topic, the HO would need to ‘report’ the sitter and this isn’t some automated process. I would be curious to know at what point they reach out to sitters who appear to have a history of ‘flaky’ behavior and what the ‘penalties’ are.

If you were to cancel, it is a possibility they could ‘report’ you but given the circumstances, I think your reason for cancellation is valid. While I don’t know how often HOs do this, I would imagine it isn’t often.


Thanks Kate didn’t know I could ask THS to intervene so that’s really helpful to know now as a next step! :slight_smile:


Thank you for your help, I’m fairly new so this has all been very helpful learning

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You are very welcome! As someone who has been doing this for almost 10 years, I don’t recall ever having this issue, so I think these more extreme cases of weeks of no responses is not typical, and don’t let it put you off.


@SaraJ I can understand your concerns as communication is vital before and especially during a sit . So these are very valid concerns.
Great that you have the HOs number - did you have much communication before you confirmed the sit ? Have you received the welcome guide ? Have you agreed an arrival time ?

As others have said contact member services for assistance as they can contact the HO on your behalf . You can do this via live chat :speech_balloon: and (ask to speak to a human ) … this is at the bottom of the Help page .


As far as I know if the sit is cancelled no-one can leave a review (you or the HO) so don’t worry about that. If you don’t feel comfortable proceeding then best to cancel.


If you’ve been trying for weeks, I would cancel the sit and write lack of contact/response in the message reasoning, then report the HO to TH.

In future, I’d also recommend making sure you exchange contact info with the HO once the sit is confirmed.


Hi @SaraJ :grinning:

Did you manage to contact Member Services about this? It’d be great to know you got this sorted!

Big thanks to @Silversitters , @Katie , @KC1102 , @bakindoki , and @cawosey for your helpful advice - much appreciated!


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Hi Jenny thanks for following up, yes I’ve got a reply and we’ve had a conversation. :slight_smile:

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We did, we had each others phone numbers and I’d been messaging on here to ask for a phone call and then I had sent a text message and after a week of no response to the text I posted on here. We have since spoken and I’ve been told they didn’t regularly log on to here and wrote out a message but it didn’t send… Still don’t feel great about it but it’s a short one.

After everyone’s support I know what to do if if this happens again in future!


That’s great @SaraJ - I’m so glad to hear that!

I hope you’ll stick around the Forum and get involved with our discussions. If not, you’re always welcome back here if you need us! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: