What to do when pet parent cancels a sit?

We were booked for a sit that starts in 3 weeks and were just told by the pet parents that they were cancelling their trip. The system is giving us the option to cancel our application, but I am concerned that if we do that, it will appear that we are the ones who backed out of the sit. I asked the pet parents to please cancel the sit from their end and have not received a response yet.

Please help. Fortunately this was a relatively local sit that we could drive to, so there are no airline tickets or other travel arrangements that are a problem for us to cancel.

Will appreciate THS advice on this please.

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I’d send an email to THS support (email, not chat) with copies of the communication. State the HO cancelled but is ignoring the request to cancel the application. And point out, you need to cover the dates ASAP - and they don’t want that 3 weeks to become 2 weeks and call under the insurance cancellation policy due to the cancellation delay:)

Sorry to be ignorant on how to do this, but can you please provide the THS support email address? Or do I just report it through the website? Thanks!

Absolutely! Email below. I feel responses are better on email plus you have an email copy.

THS Support: support@trustedhousesitters.com

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I just submitted an email through the THS website and included a photo of the correspondence from the pet parent. I couldn’t find an email address to directly send my concern so hopefully this method works.

Great, THANK YOU!!!

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Hi @petlover … the wording for a pp canceling the sit is not really accurate.

I had this just recently and provided screen shots to the forum then also added a “what feature” thread post to have the wording updated.

The cancel was not a problem on my end so didn’t need to contact MS.

Would you mind posting an update with what you learn?

I’ll repost here…

The image you sent that pops up once you hit cancel makes it appear that you as the sitter are canceling the sit. This is what I didn’t want. I contacted THS support and they said on their end they can see that the homeowner cancelled the sit. Strange, because on my end it shows the sit still open and that pet parents are reviewing applications. THS said I can apply for other sits and don’t need to do anything else from my end.

We were really looking forward to this sit and are bummed it was cancelled by the pet parents, but at least we hadn’t incurred any travel costs.

I’m confused. Sitters can’t cancel the sit directly. If they need to cancel they have to ask the HO to do it or contact THS if they can’t reach the HO. Would love to follow this thread to find out what’s going on. Did we all miss a major “product update?”

I believe i had to click the cancel and then another click came up and the it should cancel in my inbox.

Are the dates open on your calendar?

Correct @Marion it’s just the language in the dialog boxes make it seem like the sitter is canceling

Yes, that was my concern. The pet parents cancelled and the box made it look like I as the sitter initiated the cancellation.

I’m a little confused about the whole situation. THS policy says that once a sit is agreed, neither party can cancel but I suppose it is ok to do so. The homeowners did not provide a reason to us for the cancellation.