HO: do you decline sitters with too many reviews?

I can understand hosts have their preferences, thats why we communicate first, even have a zoom chat before and on occasions I meet in person with local hosts. Cancelling with no explanation after having agreed is just rude, and I wouldnt like to sit for people who behave like that. It has happened to me only once, and recently, and also I wont be asking for reasons, just move on.

With regards to many positive feedback reviews, I would only see that as positive and not as indicative of it being a lifestyle or not. It also depends over how many years those review where made, so if you have 50 reviews over 10 years, they dont seem to be a lot, do they?

Anyway, I get your point and hope you will get many suitable sittings. :blush:

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It makes sense and it’s very kind and thoughtful of you. I’m grateful to all the HO who have chosen me, especially to the ones who gave me the opportunity to get started on this site. In fact, in a couple of days I’m going back to my first sitting, to celebrate my first year here with the cats I got started with. Sadly, one of them has passed away but there’s still four of them and I’m looking forward to seeing them again and the owner, of course.


Even if we know it’s not personal and accept that it’s the HO’s choice, I think it’s just natural to feel a bit of disappointment when our application is rejected (especially when there is no reply at all). It is also natural to analyze the situation and try to see how we can improve (without being obsessive about it).
It may be worth noting that there is a difference here between HOs and sitters. As sitters, we choose what sits we apply for, implicitly rejecting the rest but the HO whose sitting we have assertively chosen not to apply for (sometimes because they sound like they want a slave, not even a paid sitter, even if it is the perfect pet, in the perfect house and location) will never know and will not feel that “rejection”. To be honest, I have been tempted (just a couple of times) to use the application key just to let them know how unfair their demands are. Of course it has been just a passing temptation but there are always people accepting those listings, which is great. We all seem to find our matches and sometimes the “rejections” are for the better. :smiley: